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How to Get Top Rank on Google Page?

How to Get Top Rank on Google Page?

Wednesday February 06, 2019,

4 min Read

Are you frustrated for the degrading ranking of your website? Yes, I know that your website is great in its looking. I totally agree with this. But, it does not get the top position.

You may have seen that no one in finds you on Google. If people can’t find you online you won’t get any sales though you could have the best-looking website in the world. We get asked questions all the time by clients. For e.g. why don’t we find our website on the 1st page of Google? Or, why can’t our customers buy products?

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Google finds the traffic to websites in the world as it is the number one most visited website. To have a strong presence in search results is so important, so appoint SEO Company Australia. You as the business owner have to understand what you can do to fix it or what is wrong with your website, it is really important.

I have found that there are three major reasons why your website is not positioning well in search results. So, you have come to the right place if you want to find the right solutions required for fixing it and if you are frustrated with the performance of your website.

1. Competitors:

Let’s face it. Some of your competitors might have an enormous advertising plan behind them. For your main keywords, you might not be ranking on the first page.

• Check for competitors – 

The search results will give you some indication of the weight and size of your competition for your main services and products. And, the possibility of your small company website on the first page is slight to nothing. To get the highest rank on Google page, appoint best SEO Company Australia. 

• Your deeds about the competition:

For the target market, you need to focus on a particular strategy. You have a more chance and less competition of ranking higher if you go after a smaller market. You stand a better chance of performing well in search results and there is far less competition for more specific searches. You have to modify your strategy if your competitors are all large organizations. Along with this, you have to be realistic. In the long run, when you achieve the place, you will thank me! (Winks)

2. Indexing your website on Google:

Google has not listed your website yet if you have a brand-new website and if you are not showing up on Google.

• Finding ways of your website:

In Google search, you can put the underneath prompt if you cannot find out your website. 

 • Yoursite.com (without the ‘www.’ And ‘/’)

You are nothing to worry about if you can see your website showing in search results after using this prompt. This means you are indexed. Usually, you will see a complete list of all your web pages. On the other hand, if you are not showing up at all or you are not at the top, then Google has not indexed your website yet.

• Indexing your website on Google:

It can take a few weeks to find your website after approving your site by Google. Not only that, you won’t know about the error of the website until a few weeks. For getting quick results, hire SEO Company Australia who will provide you dedicated team of the developers. 

3. Not a mobile-friendly website:

There is no doubt of the above point. Having a mobile-friendly website is vital as mobile usage is overtaking desktop. Otherwise, it will seriously have an effect on its ranking in mobile search results if you don’t do this. Ideally, when your website is mobile friendly, it will take the shape of that particular device whether it is your iPad or mobile phone. When you have this, your website gets the response from the traffics. It is not hard work. If your website is not mobile friendly, this is bad user experience.

• To find the website responsive:

Use the mobile-friendly tools make your website responsive. 

Bottom Line:

To climb onto the first page of Google follow the above points. This is not so difficult. You will feel a little clearer idea when you hire a dedicated developer.