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How to get your first digital marketing job?

How to get your first digital marketing job?

Sunday September 08, 2019,

9 min Read

I can feel your excitement.

I can feel your worries.

I have gone through it.

2 years ago, when I completed my digital marketing course, I traveled a lot to find a job for myself. The institute which claimed 100% placement couldn’t even arrange an interview for me. Hence, I had to take a charge.

When you are a fresher it becomes too difficult to get a job. Most of the times agencies and companies look for experienced candidates. Even if they mention “ 0-1 Year Experience”, when you will attend the interview, they will ask you questions designed for 1 year experienced person. Many of you might relate with me.

Now, after 2 years I run my own agency.

In this article, I’m going to share you what my past 2 years journey taught me.

Get rid of your worry, because once you finish reading this, you’ll have the action plan to get your first dream job in digital marketing.

So here I go –

1)  Have your own blogging website

Learn how to install Wordpress, how to add domain & hosting and start making a website. Everything is available on YouTube, moreover there are some online courses which don’t cost you much. Once you make a website, start writing blogs. Now you may think, “ Man, but I can’t write. Also, on which topic should I start writing?”.

Answer is “ You can. If you can write a 3 hours exam paper, you definitely can write a blog”.

About topics, which field do you like the most? Bollywood, Food, Travel, Digital Marketing itself or anything else?

Choose any topic which you like the most and start writing.

How to find a topic?

  •  Go to Quora.com and search related your topic. You will find many questions. Read the questions and you will get a topic idea.
  •  Go to Buzzsumo, enter your topic and it will show the most shared content across Internet. 
  •  Join relevant Facebook groups and read the posts (especially frequently asked questions).
  •  Search on Google, visit websites, spend some time reading articles.


  • Install Google analytics and Search console code to your website to track the traffic and your website errors.

2)  Have your Facebook & Instagram Pages with content

Easiest job, no? Even if a person is not a digital marketer, he knows how to create a Facebook & Instagram page. But, probably what he doesn’t know is what content to post, how to get an engagement and that’s what matters! Also known as Social Media Marketing.

Whatever the topic you have chosen for the blog, make Facebook and Instagram pages for the same. For example, if my blog is about digital marketing, I will create pages for digital marketing, and content too will revolve around digital marketing only!

Done with pages? (I assume you have set up your profile, cover photo and page description)Cool, here’s what you have to do next.

Create and post at least 3 times a week. One of the common mistakes people commit is making pages but not posting anything on it or irregular posting. Very bad!

What and how to post on pages?

  •  There is a tool called Canva.com which is very useful to create graphics even if you’re not a professional designer. It’s damn easy. Give it a try. You can make Social Media posts, logos, website banner, cover photos and so on.
  •  Create posts around your topic. For example, if your topic is related to travel, you can post travel quotes, how to reach to a particular location post, poll about which is your favorite location? And so on.
  • Make sure to write a suitable caption for the post. Posting only graphic leads to low engagement.
  • You can also post your blog post link on Facebook with caption. Include your blog link in the first comment to get more reach.

Follow this at least for 1 month before the interview.

PRO Tips

  •  Spare some money from your pocket money and boost every post to get more reach and engagement.
  •  Run a page like campaign setting targeting.
  •  Install Facebook pixel to your website.

3)  Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become literally a virtual workplace for many people, especially for content writers. You can not only find a job, but get inbound leads for your services through LinkedIn.

As a fresher, your job is to utilize your LinkedIn profile to make portfolio to showcase in an interview. You may have read some articles on how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile. But here I’m sharing you exactly the no nonsense action plan –

  •  Keep your basics right by optimizing your profile. Add front-facing professional looking profile picture, cover photo, about info, your education details, certifications, skills etc.
  •  Send connection requests to other digital marketers using LinkedIn search filter. Make sure you don’t send more than 50 connection requests in a single day, otherwise your profile can get temporarily restricted.
  •  Start posting thoughtful & value addition content. Make sure it is related to digital marketing only. Also, engage on other people’s post by your thought provoking comments.
  • Publish LinkedIn Articles. Don’t copy paste from your blog. Write a new one.

Be consistent and don’t steal anyone’s content.

PRO Tips:

  •  Join relevant LinkedIn groups and be super active.
  • Customize your LinkedIn Profile URL and use it as an email signature.

4)  Start a Podcast or a YouTube channel

Which content format you are really good at? Audio or Video? You can’t answer, “ Nothing”. You have to choose one no matter what! 

Enough listening and watching. It’s time to create yours. You will find benefits of having a podcast and YouTube channel on Google, so without wasting time I will tell you how to get started –

Starting Podcast –

  •   Choose a niche you love the most. I will recommend you to choose digital marketing, because it will help you to prepare you for an interview.
  •    Make a list of topics and create content for the same.
  •    Buy a simple mic. (No need to go for expensive one)
  •    Go to Anchor.com and create an account.
  •   Start recording. Take care of voice modulation.

Simple, no? Even if you find it bit frightening, go for it. You’ll get used to it, trust me this is my personal experience!

Starting a YouTube Channel -   


  • Same as above, choose a niche you love and prepare content.
  • Create an account with your Gmail id.
  • Buy a simple mic and tripod (No need to go for expensive one).
  • Do you have a DSLR? If not, doesn’t matter even your smartphone is enough.
  • Speak confidently. Confidence matters!
  • Edit your videos like a Pro.

Make a schedule to upload videos and strictly follow that.

PRO Tip:

    Ask your friends to subscribe to your YouTube channel and podcast. So that till the interview, you will have enough subscribers to showcase to interviewer.

5)  Prepare for an Interview

All the above steps can go fail, if you make a mistake in this one. If there are two candidates with almost similar skillset, I will use Interview criteria to pick one. Hence, make sure before you attend the interview you’re fully prepared.

Here are some practical tips for you:

  •    Create a professional resume. Either download it from Internet or ask your friends to send their resume and edit it. Mention only those skills which you’re actually good at because Interviewer can cross question you.
  •   Whichever the interview is (SEO Executive, Social Media Manager, PPC Executive etc) be prepared with the basic questions. Do memorize the definitions of every part of a Digital Marketing. No matter, how thoroughly we know the topic, but when an interviewer asks What is SEO? Or What is Social Media Marketing? We fumble like from where to start?
  •  Work on your English. Content is one of the most important parts of Digital Marketing and King you know. Hence, English is the must. Read, listen, speak, watch whatever you can in English. Be in the zone of English before you attend the interview is what I can say.
  • Practice every day. Start talking to yourself. Stand in front of a mirror and speak whatever the hell you know about Digital Marketing. Have you ever heard about Bollywood actors doing everything required to make the role lively. Same in this case, be in the zone. 

First Interview is always scary I can understand. But if we take it as a challenge, it is fun! Everything begins with a thought. Sit and think what you can do to minimize your competition. Start executing, try for perfection.

PRO Tip:

       All of the above

What will happen if you follow above 5 steps?

Now Imagine, I am looking for fresher candidates for my agency. I know freshers don’t have much practical knowledge as compared to experienced candidates, but for me it doesn’t matter, I am ready to provide training. My only expectation is candidate should be smart enough so that it will save my time while training him.

I announced the interview.

Next day 3 candidates came for an interview.

2 of them had done their digital marketing course recently, also they had some Google certifications and that institute’s certificate with them.

3rd candidate is you! You not only have certifications, but –

1)     A blog

2)     Facebook & Instagram pages

3)     A Podcast

4)     An active LinkedIn Profile

Also, you impressed me with your communication skills in face to face interview.

Whom will I select?

Of course you. Because it is easier to train you as compared to other 2 candidates. Also, it shows you are really passionate about digital marketing.

Last word

Get up, prepare, take action and you will succeed. I find unemployment word is overrated. Who doesn’t like to hire a person who is pro-active, passionate and skilled?

Work with dedication once you get a job. Because getting a job is easy but keeping it is hard. Digital Marketing is changing rapidly, hence always be updated. Learn and experiment new things. Also learn Marketing basics. Digital is a tool, Marketing is core.

I wish you all the best for your journey!



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