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How to Increase Sales on Amazon India in 2019?

How to Increase Sales on Amazon India in 2019?

Monday July 29, 2019,

4 min Read

When a user visits Amazon India webpage to buy something, he limits his search & interest to only those products which come on top in search rankings, which naturally leads to increase in sales of such products. Therefore every Amazon India seller wants to rank his/her product higher on the search page, but very few know the effective way in which it should be done to garner more sales. Presented below are few such tips to help you rank your product higher on Amazon India & get more sales from it.

  • Try to win the Buy-Box

Amazon India Buy Box is a box situated in the top right corner of the product page which helps customers to directly add items to their shopping carts. Since many sellers on Amazon India sell the same product, therefore winning the Buy Box is a must. The Buy Box items appear prominently in the user search and are preferred by users over Non Buy Box items. Therefore, winning it will boost your chances of having a higher search rank which will subsequently lead to increased sales.

  • Collect Positive Customer Reviews

Amazon India gives very high importance to the number of positive reviews collected by a particular product in its algorithm to decide rankings of products in a particular category. A positive review is one of the greatest assets of any Amazon India product, as it can influence other customers to prefer your product over other badly reviewed products. Therefore, keep a tab on the quality & delivery process of your product to ensure customer satisfaction & great reviews.

  • Enhance Image Size & Quality

Amazon India is very particular about its image size & quality policies for product listings & in many cases doesn't allow some product to display results if it doesn't have at least one image that is 1000*1000 pixels or larger.

Larger images offer customers the hover-to-zoom features, which means understanding the product better through the images, so it is seen to have drastic effect on such product's rank & sales. Therefore ensure adding at least one large, high-quality image (1000*1000 pixels or larger) to enhance your rank.

  • Keep Prices Competitive

If we put all the other points aside for a few moments, product pricing emerges as the biggest contributor to your potentially high rank and increased sales. Users always are on the lookout for better deals, & if your pricing is competitive as compared to other players in your category, you can benefit greatly. Start researching on your competitor products on Amazon India to get better understanding on their pricing and other things with Barrel13 as your guide to achieving greater success.

  • Put the Parent-Child Products under a Single Listing

If you have a product listed on Amazon India & you start offering some color/size variation, then these variations are known as child listings. Generally these child products appear in the same listing as different variations of the parent listing.

However, it is advisable to use Amazon India's internal parent-child product functionality as it will help attract all the customers to a single product page, maximize customer reviews as reviews on all the child listings will be added to the parent listing, and ensure more user traffic on your page which could surely lead to higher rankings & help you rise above the competition.

  • Try Reducing Order Defect Rate

Order defect rate is the number of order defects compared to the total orders completed over a period of time. Amazon India has specified that all the sellers should aim for an ODR less than 1%. Order defect rate can include any of the following:

· Negative User Feedback

· A-to-Z Guarantee claim

· Any shipment-related issues.

· Credit card charge back.

It goes without saying that improving on the aforementioned defect points & promptly handling your user problems would go a long way in improving your order defect rate & in helping elevate your product rank along with sales.

Having a high ranking on Amazon India is an amazing & sure-shot way to increase your sales, as more potential users will find your products while browsing the web page. Following the points mentioned above will go a long way in ensuring the same while also providing a boost to your business.

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