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How to Leverage Content Marketing for Promoting Mobile App?

How to Leverage Content Marketing for Promoting Mobile App?

Friday September 06, 2019,

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Online retailers generally fail to realise the importance of mobile app marketing in promoting their app and brand. The result is their mobile app fails to make a mark at the app store, just like a movie failing at the box office when a good promotional strategy is not followed. An important component of mobile app marketing is content marketing.

Content marketing

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Content marketing involves generation of interesting content for engaging users and redirecting them to company's landing pages. Through content marketing, readers get valuable and relevant information about the product or service they are seeking to avail and which you are offering. In this way, content marketing bridge the information gap and bring the two parties (buyer and seller) together.

Now let us discuss what are the various ways you can leverage your content for app marketing has been outlined below:

Know your Buyer's Persona

Your buyer community is not a homogeneous group. Categorise them into groups and understand the buyer's persona before writing the content. Your audience must relate to the content you are sharing. If they cannot connect with the content, they will not read, no matter how informative your content is.

To create content that ranks well organically and drives visitors to your site, you need to understand the needs of those visitors — the language they use and the type of content they seek. 

Use the Right Keywords

Make your content discoverable over internet by inserting the right keywords. Search engines will not display your content unless it relates to the query. Make sure you have researched what are the keywords that people use for searching and use them in your content.

Use Keywords Generating Tools

Keywords generating tools like SEMrush and Keywords Everywhere provide you with authentic keywords on the basis of the volume of searches. They also provide with the keywords used by your competitors and what are the sources of their organic traffic. Make optimum use of keywords, not more than 1.5-2% of the content, otherwise it will be categorised as keyword stuffing.

Keywords generating tool

Be Grammatically and Factually Correct

Audience judge your seriousness and quality of your content from the number of grammatical mistakes you have made. Make your content free of grammatical errors by using tools like Grammarly that provide suggestions against spelling and comprehension errors. Also double-check your claims and assertions and provide links for confirmation.

If your communication comes riddled with typos, spelling errors or bad grammar you may appear under-equipped.

Optimize your Content

Content marketing is of no use unless the content has been optimised for SEO ranking. SEO tools like SEMrush gives you unmatched insights by analysing your competitor's content and suggestions for optimising your content.

Publish on Relevant Platforms

Carefully select the online platforms where you can garner the maximum number of audiences. The selection of the platform will depend on the audience you are targeting. For instance, there is no better place to publish content related to books other than Goodreads.

Social Media Marketing

Publish your content on Social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It has immense word-of-mouth power. You never know when your content may be picked up by social media users and becomes a hit.

Content marketing and social media marketing are like muffins and cupcakes. You make them similarly, the desired effect is similar, and yet—it requires a special recipe to arrange them together to create something wonderful. 

Insert Pictures and Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Research suggests that people are more likely to read a content with an interesting image than otherwise. Use of videos describing the content in brief has gone over the roof. Almost all content today is being published along with a video. Pictures and Videos bring richness to your content and make it more appealing and personal.

Use of videos in content marketing

Source: Nimble.com


The importance of content marketing in boosting your mobile app downloads can hardly be denied. But. for content marketing do the wonders, you need to meticulously design your content marketing strategy.

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