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How to make passive income online by Starting a blogging business

How to make passive income online by Starting a blogging business

Friday October 12, 2018,

5 min Read

Why Passive income:

Passive income is a very essential source of income you need than your active income. It requires your one time of work and its continuously providing money to your pocket even you are sleeping.

“If you are not making money while sleeping then you will end up working till you die. “
                    -Warren Buffet

The above statement by Warren Buffet is true even though you are having a high paying job, you need an additional source of an asset to produce money in your pocket. The passive income may be a share market investment, rental property or online asset. The Internet provides an opportunity for everyone to make the fortune by the use of digital world.

The new technologies and the internet world gives a lot of opportunities for anyone can start grow and run an online business. Online gives a vast of opportunity to an individual to make an impact. There are many online businesses with low investment and high profit. But today I am not going to discuss 10 or 20’s of opportunities. I am going to discuss about Starting a blogging business, how it will change your life and the successful bloggers for your inspiration.

A blog is not just a website contains information; actually, it’s an online asset such as physical assets like share market and land you hold. I was started my blogging journey, a year before and my blog is making decent income every single month.

I am telling this from my experience it’s not a rocket science. You are talking about your favorite hobby to the world and that tool is called blogging.

You can see a lot of successful Indian bloggers who are doing full time living in blogging. One example is Harsh Agarwal who is making 26 lakhs per month from his blog. Check his Income report here.

Like this there are many people are earning from their blogging game in India.

How to start a Profitable Blog

How to start a profitable Blogging business
How to start a profitable Blogging business

You have to choose the right topic based on your interest and the market opportunity for profit (a product you can promote). It should be balanced between your passion and the profitable topic. Below two type of blog, you can start based on your interest

Find your passion: (Authority Sites)

Find your what you are love to talk about and have the interest to learn more and stick with that topic. Don’t just waste time for choosing the topic. If you are not sure, you can write multiple topics and its called multiple niche site. The problem is it's really hard to rank compared to single topic blogs.

Digital marketing authority sites like and

What to do if my passion is making money: (Amazon affiliate sites)

If not you are not sure what to write, but want to make the good profit then Amazon affiliate is a right choice. Here you will write Amazon product review and make affiliate income. The best part is it’s a resale value.You can sale the sites at any time and can build a new one.

Successful site, was bought by big brand like Newyork times. And you know, Newyork time is paid $30 million American dollars (210 crores in Indian rupees) for the site owner Brian lam for acquiring the blog.

It’s up to you how you are playing the blogging game and end of the day its all about the value that you are providing to the audiences. If you are aware of the power of blogging and dedicatedly working on it then you will become a successful blogger like Harsh Agarwal and Brian Lam.

Note: Always, Recommend the product. Never force them to buy stuff and Be honest to the readers is the secret mantra. Once you provide the value then it gives reasons to buy service or product from your blog.

There are many ways to make money from blogging. But most blogs are earning their major income from Affiliate marketing and Adsense mostly. Once you get started then you will get an idea of what products are your competitor is promoting and how they are earning. If you ask a farmer what is the right time for putting the seed then he will tell its two weeks before. So, get started now and it's not cost you much to start a blog. The earlier you start, the Google start ranking your pages.

Free promotion using SEO:

The articles that you are writing have to reach your audience. You don't need to spend money on promoting your blog. Once you wrote the content for your readers and the search engine. Its easily start rank in Google. SEO content writing is a skill; once you started then you will get an idea of how to write optimized content that serve your audience and rank in Google.The actual benefit of SEO is a free organic traffic and it's a targeted traffic to your blog.

The targeted visitors to your blog are intended buyers. That's the secret of blogging using SEO traffic and the reason why they rally on SEO than paid traffic. It's easy to understand the basics of SEO to start implementing in the blog.

So things I am recommending is start a blogging business, Write some awesome content and implement proper SEO techniques. Then you can see your results like making money from your blog and appreciation from your readers.


I am sure that I convinced you for starting a blogging business can change the life or at least it will produce an income to your pocket passively. So start your blog today and share your success story here soon. Take the inspiration from the successful bloggers and keep on motivate yourself for going next level. Do command what your passionate topic to start a blog?

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