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How to Restore Deleted Photos from Your PC

How to Restore Deleted Photos from Your PC

Friday August 30, 2019,

5 min Read

If you have accidentally deleted some important photo or you have deleted any photo sometime back and want it now, then this guide is for you.

In this quick guide, we have discussed multiple ways to help you recover permanently deleted files on Windows PC. You can use these solutions to recover all types of files on your PC.

In addition to manual ways, we have also discussed how best data recovery tools could be helpful to you to recover deleted files. So, without further ado, let’s discuss few quick ways to restore deleted photos or any other file on your Windows PC.

How to Restore Deleted Photos/Files on Windows PC

Use File History or Previous Versions

One of the interesting and most useful features to restore deleted files on Windows is to use File History or Previous Versions. This smart feature helps you restore all types of deleted files in seamless manner. It scans for the previously available version of the deleted files and helps you restore them whenever needed. Though, there is a small limitation to use this feature. Here, you should remember the file name that you wish to restore on your PC. So, let’s restore deleted files on Windows using File History or Previous Versions option. Follow below mentioned steps to do that.

Step 1

First, you need to connect the external drive that has the backup to your PC. Once connected, simply look for the file path from where you deleted the file. For example, the file path will include drive name, folder name, and file name in a series.

Once you have located the file path, you will be able to view files in recent backup of the selected folder.

Step 2

From here, simply select the folder from where you want to restore file and click on “Previous” button. Now you will be able to see the previous version of the deleted file in the selected folder.

To recover previous version of this deleted file, press green Restore button.

Once done, it will help you restore deleted file to its original location.

Step 3

Here, you may see a pop-up asking you the selected file or folder does already exist on the destination, here you require to select “Replace the file in the destination” option. Now the selected file will be restored to the original location.


Use Windows Backup

Next quick solution to restore deleted files on your system is to use Windows Backup. If you are one of those users who take backup on regular intervals, then this feature is for you. Here, you can recover deleted data or any other file from the Windows Backup. To restore deleted photos using Windows Backup, follow these steps.

·        Head to Start menu and select Settings.

·        On Settings window, select “Update & Security”.

·        Choose Backup option from left pane.

·        Select “Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7)”.

·        Click “Restore My Files” button.

On the next window, you need to select “Browse for files” to browse individual files or “Browse for folders” option. It will allow you to backup individual file or folder effortlessly.


On the next window, it will ask you to select the location where you want to store the selected file. To do this, it gives you 2 options to select from i.e. “In the original location” to restore deleted file to original location or “In the following location” to select the location to restore the file.

In case, it causes some trouble to restore the file to selected location, then you need to select one of these options:

Copy and Replace

Don’t Copy

Copy, but keep both files


Once selected one of these options, let it complete the restore process.

Now you can find the deleted file restored to selected location.


Use Best Data Recovery Software

If you have tried manual process and think you need a quick process to restore bulk of files, then best data recovery software comes as an effective solution. These smart tools help you recover all types of files in an effortless manner. You can use these tools to recover permanently deleted image files, audio & music files, videos, text & documents, archives, and other files.

You can use these tools to recover files from both internal & external devices. These smart tools offer you quick and deep scan options to provide effective file recovery solution. As these tools work automatically, thus they also save lot of your time and reduce manual intervention.


So, these were few simple yet most effective ways to restore permanently deleted files on your Windows PC. As we also discussed about best data recovery tools, you can suggest such tools that you have used to recover files for yourself. Furthermore, you can also suggest other ways to restore deleted files on Windows in the comments section below.