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How to Start an NGO: Registration and Procedure

How to Start an NGO: Registration and Procedure

Monday July 15, 2019,

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Besides the beautiful and happy things around us, our society and environment have an unfortunate, ugly and harsh side as well which is saddening. Everyone acknowledges it but only a few are actually sensitive towards it, they feel deeply about those conditions and get affected so much that they want to bring a change.

There are a lot of people who want to become a social worker to make society a better place and suitable for everyone whether of health, social set-up, environment and so on. They want to quit everything and start their own NGO. Well, doing so is not that easy as it takes not only money but a lot of efforts, determination, big and selfless heart to devote your life for serving others. It is no less than running an organization, the only difference is you need to be transparent and there is no profit in terms of wealth but yes you earn a lot of good wishes, blessing and smiles.

If you are one of those highly sensitive human being who is dishearten by any unfortunate social condition, who do not want to just sit back, discuss, crib and keep looking to what’s going on, and actually want to bring a difference by starting your own NGO just like Brian Sheth, who runs a foundation called Sangreal Foundation, then you are at the right place.  

For all the clueless angels out there, here are some steps on how to start an NGO:

  • Join an NGO: Yes, you read it right! Before you start your own NGO, join one (similar to your cause) to gain exposure, see how things work and what all is required? The experience will give you lot of insights that will turn out to be beneficial for the success of your own NGO as many enthusiastic newbies do start their NGOs, but could only live for few months due to lack of experience and planning.

  • Mission and Vision: Decide what is the reason behind starting the NGO and what change you want to see in the future through this. The cause to start it should be clear, whatever you are supporting, be it women rights, child laws, clean environment, pollution and so on, set a mission that will solve the purpose, make objectives and targets to help members and people outside know what you are here for and you can reach where you want to.

  • Name Your NGO: well, this is a basic requirement- to name your NGO. This will be the identity of it, people will know you and your cause by your NGO’s name. The name should be meaningful, catchy and short. It is better if it reflects your cause, purpose or motive.

  • Directors & Members:  It is required for any organization- profitable or non-profitable to have a set of people who run that. Be it the board of directors for governance, financial and legal consultants or a simple member who is working at ground level for the cause. But it is important to select people who understand the cause, support it, believe in you and have the same energy to make a difference as you have.

  • Create Memorandum: You cannot just randomly start an NGO; a proper application procedure is there that needs to be followed. But before you apply, you are required to create a memorandum that has everything mentioned legally in it. It should clearly state your agenda, objective, working flied, working pattern, the board of directors’ information, members and staff information, NGOs name and address, rules and regulations and mode of operation. You can appoint a legal consultant as it should be well prepared so that it gets accepted.

  • Registration: Once you are done with all the documentation, you can submit the application and get your NGO registered legally.

  • Funds & Connections: Raising funds and networking is important to reach your goal. You need to assess your financial needs in advance keeping in mind your agenda to calculate the funds required. You can collect fund through donations, fees and as help from big firms, government, wealthy artists and so on.

Also, you need to network a lot to promote your NGO and cause, to reach out to more people and to raise more funds. You can reach people through social media, partner with media agencies, corporate and so on.


I hope the above steps will help you reach your goal, but one thing that is most important is that you believe in yourself, thrive to bring the change and whatever cause you are working for gives you satisfaction.