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Start an online business - Know how to run it successfully

Start an online business - Know how to run it successfully

Friday May 10, 2019,

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Nowdays, with the advent of high speed internet and the riches a business prjoect offers, a lot of youth are ready to leave a print in the business market with their online business. And it is attractive, with its low cost involved as it doesn’t require much office space infact it could be done while sitting at home on a smartphone.

But every facility should be used as a resource and so before choosing your smartphone as a means of generating profits, try and approach this in a smart and healthy way. So, for this we’re here to discuss some tips and pointers for those who wish to carry out a successful online businss.

Tips to start and run a successful online business

Tips to start and run a successful online business

Tips to start and run a successful online business

1. Free stuff

Now, before you start selling your product, make sure that you start delivering some free service. This is crucial. If you have been to an offline business, let’s say an automobile shop. You’ll get a free ride whethere you purchase or not. And that alone should be important for you to know that what exactly is people looking for.

You can do YouTube videos, Blogs, Podcasts, etc. to provide support to the people in case of online business. Some value should be offered on this stage. These subscribers/followers will be your audience in the future. So, make sure to build goodwill at this stage.

Survey before your jump into the next step, ask people what kind of service do they need the most after getting your free service. What more value could you add to their lives.

2. Front end offer

This step is the most promising stage of generating profits by your firm as it will be a door for your customers entering into the firm. Charge very less and over serve at this stage. This will be a reason enough for your customers to stick for better opportunities that you have to offer.

“Providing more value than what an individual is paying for” should be your motto.

Cover a specific genre/product/area to be served.

Make the people’s challenge easy by serving. Don’t forget to survey their needs before this step.

3. Upsell

After carefully developing and working on the previous steps, this step is relatively easier to follow. This would be a core product that your firm is selling. It should add more value to the client’s needs. For pricing, it should be charged higher than front end offer. The service here would be much better for high paying customers. If your firm is offering any lifestyle tips, make sure to be more detailed and comprehensive than before. You can name it as the “Ultimate course” or something related.

4. More upsell

You can have as many upsell as you want. But remember not to add too many as it would be a bad move for long term business scenario. In case of lifestyle tips, you can ensure that by paying such high amount for better sercvices, the customer gets some premium access to your content. There could be an option for recurring/life-time memberships as well. Or a lifetime access to your website’s content. All courses would be unlocked and it will be a “full service” scenario to the client. You can add option of monthly newsletter if you want.

5. Cross promotions

After properly following the previous steps, you can add this feature to your services. In the example we’ve taken of lifestyle services, you can add some products that improve people’s health. It could be something they eat or something they use. It could be yours or could be some other company’s. But before adding else’s company product to your own, remember to make sure it’s good in quality. As it would eventually affect your business to promote a faulty product/service. You can also make use of affiliated marketing in such a scenario.

6. Coaching/Consulting

Finally, this would be the highest paid service in your firm. No matter how best you serve online, there will always be a need for a private coaching. You can charge per hour on the such service. Coaching would be a team effort. Helping someone conduct a specific act. Consulting on the other hand, would be commiting the act for someone. Online service providers like our firm provides services like LLP registration which basically means registering a firm on behalf of the person. It removes all the hassle from the process and the procedure could be done while sitting at home.


In the end, it is advised to follow these procedures after performing all the research in the market. This was a step by step procedure of establishing a successful business online. Many business owners have already followed this procedure but still it is not fool proof. But remember to be honest in your dealings in the end.

This article was written by Anubhav who is a Contet writer at LegalRaasta.

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