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How to use google maps for your business

How to use google maps for your business

Monday December 17, 2018,

3 min Read

Without Google strategy it is almost impossible to reach too far on search engine optimization. And, as a Businessman, you should always value Google to promote your business. Besides Google, we would like to boost our business through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social strategies.

Needless to say, Google has the most important value over marketing function.

And, do you know? Google map works like a cure for both a business owner and clients to find the exact location. Also, it shows your business is most credible and efficient to the audiences.

Google map proves the social presence of a business. On the other hand, searching for a location also hints your business easily on Google map.

But, how should You start using Google map for your business?

At first, Get the idea and search for a Google map and see How it helps a location to get found.

Hope, you are here after knowing all the beneficial impact of Google map.

A website is necessary for your business. As you know, Website is the confirmation of a business and it proves What’s available on your services!

Let’s get the process of how to use Google maps for a business?

Yeah, we can apply a few steps to use Google maps for a business. But, I’m here to show the exact way.

Search for “Google Map”. If you own a PC, it works like a great equipment to finding all the path.

Okay, at the Top of the left corner You will see the “Menu” option and click here. You can see many options there and get “Your places”. After tapping “Your Places”, in Labeled option, you can see two options as “Home” and “Work”. And, In the work section, you have to set a work address.

Write Your exact placement of the work there and tap “Enter”. You will be shown the location picture and in below click on “Add a missing place”.

By clicking, you will be asked to set place name. So in the preview, Name the place, set the address and category. Then, In Google map drag the pointer where You exactly set Your business. Add “Phone number”, “Website” and Add hours when You are available for. And, Submit the preview.

After submitting the page, another page Will notify You to confirm Your submission.

Yeah, It’s done.

That is how set Your business on Google map. Yeah, It is not a tough process at all. Previously, Google used to send a post code but It is enough easy now.

Another way You can apply to “Google Places”.

If you already have a Google account, Log in and click on “Add new business”. Furthermore, apply the step by step process, I’m suggesting.

Submit information of Your business. It’s simple just provide details and contact info including Phone number, Email address, and website.

Setting up the process and It allows to add more info that makes Your business unique of course.

There You can add payment option and Hours. Also, you have the chance to add videos and photos to apply that visible to the audiences.

At the last part, Google needs to trace the business owner if the information is being come from the right person. Phone route would be the best option in the case.Yeah, you can apply more trick on Google Place Services.

No more hesitation or worry to set a business on Google map.

Hope, these trick would make a significant impact on Your business.

Make a destination and rank on Google Maps.

Best wishes.