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How to use Instagram Stories for Business

How to use Instagram Stories for Business

Friday December 28, 2018,

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If you thought you’re too late to showcase your business on Instagram Stories - here’s some news for you.

It’s never too late. Better still, now is the best time to make your business an ‘instant’ hit!

From zooming past to 100 million daily users within two months of its launch to emerging as one of Instagram’s most compelling features – Stories has indeed come of age.

Let’s get some visual evidence on our side.

Image Source:Statista

More crucially, Instagram Stories is a fantastic vehicle to catapult your products, services, and brand to an unprecedented level (not necessarily in the same order).

Put some thought into it and you’re set to enchant your audience with truckloads of incentive to stick with your brand.

Needless to say, that’s the shortest and the most effective gateway to brand loyalty and, in effect, business growth.

And now, the million-dollar question.

But how?

What’s it all about?

Time for some recap and of course, context.

Instagram Stories lets you collate images and videos into crisp slideshows and overlay them with graphics, textual content and emojis.

However, there’s a catch.

After your ephemeral ‘Story’ is put up on Instagram, it will vanish after just 24 hours.

This means that your content doesn’t appear on the Instagram feed. Instead, it shows up at the top in the form of a bar.

Image Source:Oberlo

This means that your content’s visibility is rather limited, though anyone interested in looking at your pictures and videos can find them anytime.

Little wonder that established brands are trusting Instagram Stories like never before.

Image Source:BrandWatch

Okay, let’s cut to the chase.  

Product demos

Since your stories aren’t going to be around forever, you might as well get creative and quirky.

Getting playfulness right encourages you to showcase different nuances of your products and reap rich marketing dividends.

As always, relevance holds the key. If you want to drive more traffic into your website, your content must be beyond intriguing. Getting your audience to click through is half the battle one.

Possible ideas you can use on Instagram Stories include

  • A product that deals with a specific pain point
  • A DIY guide that solves a real problem
  • A blog post for an imminent holiday  

Image Source: Sprout Social

Behind-the-scenes action

Most of us have a hard time subduing our insatiable curiosity to ‘know the unknown.’

But here’s the thing.

You can make your audience feel special by giving them access to your brand’s surreptitious (okay, secret!) activities.  

Holding a private digital marketing workshop? Going on a business-related retreat? Hosting a webinar?

Why not get your audience on your side?

By sharing these happenings with your insta-buddies, you can make them feel like they’re an integral part of your growing family.

For example, Nordstrom Rack gave its followers an unvarnished glimpse to some interesting behind-the-scenes content.

This made its audience feel like they were witnessing a live runway show.

Needless to say the results were spectacular.

Image source: Falcon


Do you love to give a shot at anything that’s available for free?

Don’t worry! You’re in a gargantuan majority because we don’t know one person who doesn’t like to get stuff for free.

So if that’s what everybody wants, give them just that. Instagram Stories make it super convenient for you to run contests or do giveaways.

Image Source:Dash Hudson

The above illustration shows how @thefeedfeed teamed up with Instagram Stories for promoting their contest with @icelandicprovisions.

Q&A Sessions

A 15-minute Q&A session with your VP can add the magical human touch that your followers may have been waiting for.  

Within that session, insert some edited shots of your offering to ensure that your brand delivers the message safely and effectively.  

Feel free to explore and experiment with different templates, such as this one:

Image source:HootSuit

Got any other ideas about sending your business into overdrive via Instagram Stories? Feel free to drop in a comment, question or suggestion below!