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HR trends you should definitely watch out for in 2020!

HR trends you should definitely watch out for in 2020!

Tuesday May 05, 2020,

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Sourabh Deorah, CEO and Co-Founder of Advantage Club

Sourabh Deorah, CEO and Co-founder of Advantage Club

Trying to keep up with technology and innovations can be fairly exhausting. We live in a world of upgrades and updates. From the smartphones we use to the vehicles we drive; everything gets an overhaul over a period of time. The HR industry has gone through some major changes in recent years. Form alluring rewards programs to performance tracking software, HR nowadays is tech-savvy, modern and evolved.

How HR evolves and the directions it takes has a huge contribution to the way an organisation works. It changes the way teams are managed, how the recruitment process takes place, how employees are recognized for their achievements and how they are rewards. With 2020 making the beginning of a new decade, it also marks the emergence of new trends in the world of HR. Here are some of the trends you should be looking out.

  1. Employer Branding: In 2020, the HR industry will be focusing on building their employer brand through an enhancement application process. Better branding will be helpful for the organisation to attract talented applicants from different domains. Another area of focus will be creating unique opportunities that will highlight the benefit of joining the organisation for its target applicants.
  2. Employee Engagement: Companies will be working towards building a community in their organisation through platforms like Hobby Clubs for like-minded employees, thereby creating a higher barrier to attrition. The workplace is basically a second home for the employees as they spend a huge chunk of their day in the office. It is hence important to keep them engaged and build communities within the organisation. Through companies like Advantage Club, companies can do so by extending exclusive perks to the employees because they work for a premium corporate.
  3. Gamification: A concept for many organizations, gamification is defined as the use gaming dynamics that encourage an optimal, fun and measurable way of learning. Keeping employees motivated by rewarding them for their performance is going to be one of the key focus points of 2020. Employee rewards and perk platform like Advantage Club will pay major role in organisations for employee offers, reward point resumptions and peer-to-peer recognition. Game-based activites will be vital in keeping employees engaged and improve their efficiency.
  4. Using Big Data: The HR industry is expected to put the data of this employees to its maximum usage. Employee data can be used by the organisations to understand how they perform, what they prefer and what influences their productivity.
  5. Intercommunication Tools: In 2020, a lot of organisations will be investing in advanced intercommunication tools for better and efficient communication within the organization. The main goal is to have a transparent and clear communication within the that is real-time and efficient. Communication tools will be also able to assess how well the employees have understood or interrupted the information, which lessens the chance of misunderstanding from happening.
  6. Automation of Recruitment process: Just like every other industry, the HR industry is going to hop on the automation bandwagon for the recruitment process in 2020. Automation will greatly increase the efficiency in the recruitment process, save a lot of time and let the HR department focus on evaluating the soft skills of the employees.
  7. Diversity and equal opportunity: 2020 will witness hordes of organizations welcoming talented people irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation or race. There will be equal employment opportunities for male as well as female candidates in any modern organization. Individuals from all cultures and backgrounds will be welcomed in the organizations as discrimination will slowly fade out.

With changing times and technology, the way we function changes every couple of years. The HR industry went through some drastic changes in the past few years. With Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Employee Recognition Program becoming the biggest trends, organizations are constantly on their toes to keep their employees engaged and productive. 2020 will be a year of maturity for technologies like AI and equal opportunities.