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6 Reasons To Dump The Bulk Press Release Written By The Seo Companies

Why Dump Bulk Press Release?

6 Reasons To Dump The Bulk Press Release Written By The Seo Companies

Thursday July 11, 2019,

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Today Press Release is one of the essential tools for the marketer’s in their internet marketing portfolio.

They not only help in getting the good traffic to the website but also help in creating a good online reputation for the business. 

Every business needs to convey their message to their customers and Press Release are the best way for doing this.

But, over the years as the trend of Search Engine Optimization is getting faster, most of the companies are using PRs not as a business strategy, but rather as a marketing tool and trying to get more out of it unnaturally.

In fact, many SEO companies include Press Release in their link building packages and use them for creating the backlinks to up the rankings.

From a conceptual point of view Press Release is never a marketing tool or something which is been created for the purpose of Link Building. 

Over the years, many SEO companies publishing the bulk PRs for various businesses just for the sake of creating the backlinks. 

We are in the year 2019 and these tactics will no longer work either for the SEO companies or for the businesses paying the SEO companies writing those PRs.

1. No authenticity of the content:

There are hardly 2% of PR’s on the web contains authentic and valid content. 

The Press Release written by most of the SEO companies for their clients are by the SEO content writers, but not by the professional business writers. 

Grammatically and English wise those PR’s may be good enough, but they are lacking in delivering high-quality business content. 

One could not write about someone’s business strategies until and unless they know everything about that business.

2. No valid resources or actual proofs:

Most of PR’s that you usually read on the PR websites or news directories are missing the genuine resources and actual proofs. 

All this questions the validity of the PR’s published by the SEO companies. 

Without a proper resource or factual evidence, no PR really works and fails to solve the purpose. 

In fact, most of the PR written for the same business reassembles the same theme and storyline.

They carry the same old story of promoting their products or services by nearby using similar titles and summary. 

These PR’s are getting published every month and contains nothing more than a junk of text and devaluating the business purpose.

A good PR and original PR must always be supported by the real resources and some factual proofs and evidence to create the best impact on the audiences.

3. Lack of technical and business writing skills:

A Press Note or the Press Release is a professional business document that carries the business values and its principles and therefore it should be written in a way that it is actually representing the business.

Unfortunately, most of the Press Releases that you find in PR websites are more look like either blog posts or just simple articles. 


Moreover, if you will see, you will notice that all the PRs published for the particular company resembles almost the same subject line and same theme with just minor fluctuation of words to prevent them from the duplicity.

All these PRs are lacking the actual technical writing and professional business writing skills. 

PRs are the most authentic legal document of any company. 

But most of the SEO companies are serving them as a general document with no inclusions of the business wring styles and ethical legal writing skills.

4. Lack of the understanding of the business:

One of the other flaws in the bulk press release writing is the lack of the understanding of the business. 

Most of the times, the business PRs were written by the third party or a person who doesn’t possess any business background.

Even he don’t have any deep understanding of the business on which he/she is going to write a Press Note.

They write what they just feel to be written without getting in depth or core of the business.

What they maximum do is just browse the website and take note of some important points and then start writing.

In order to write a full proof and actual business PR, first of all, you need to have a thorough understanding about the entire business model.

That include business workflow, modus–operendi (mode of operation) and some concrete facts about the business.

A writer must also need to go through the vision and mission of the business and should deeply understand the culture and philosophy of the management.

But, unfortunately, none of the writers takes that much of pain in doing all kinds of research since they have been loaded with assignments and chasing the deadlines.

Therefore they hardly spent 5-10 minutes in understanding the business and then start writing in hurry whatever they understood in order to close the assignment and start the next one.

Now, first of all, a business PR should never be written in hurry, doesn’t matter how many words you are writing.

Even if you are writing 100 words those 100 words should represent the business vision, mission, philosophy and work ethics of the organization.

5. Psychological factors:

Believe it or not, several psychological factors influence our working and our brain’s working. 

You perform many activities all through a day and your brain always takes the backup of the activities that you have done in a given day.

And those things will keep popping up in your brain time after time in the entire day influencing your current work.

This is what exactly happens to the writer writing the business PR’s for various companies.

A writer who writes a Press Note for one organization would have written several other PR’s for several other companies just before this.

He more likely to write the next one for a new organization in the same day after completing this assignment.

Now, this really creates a psychological hurdle in the brain of a writer. 

They are unable to connect themselves with a particular business as their brain keeps resounding between various business concepts and in a virtual business world that really hampers their thinking and writing abilities.

At the end of the day, they might write a good PR which is grammatically good or technically clean.

But since they could not able to connect themselves to the business or the organization for which they are writing.

They were unable to indulge in their creativity into their writing and henceforth the PR doesn’t really solve the purpose of the organization and message doesn’t reach to the audiences.

6. The ambiguity of the Ideas:

Every business runs with philosophy and that philosophy defines the business ideas and business concept.


Every word that is written on the website of any organization or a company has its own meaning and written for the purpose.


Most of the writers who write business PRs fails to get the right meaning from the information that is been provided in the website. 


They really fail to make out and unable to get into the backend of the information.

They simply start writing the PR based on the information given in the About us section of the website.

But they literary fails to understand the fact that the information is given in the About us section of the website is for the customers and not for the people associated with the business.

Here they (writer) need not think from the perspective of the customer but from the perspective of the business owner. There exists the “Ambiguity of the ideas”?.

It is the scenario where the writer understands exactly what is written on the website, but they understand with the perspective of the visitor and not from the perspective of the organization. 

That’s why the piece of the content they (writer) have written for the organization doesn’t reflect the real philosophy or ideas of the organization.

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