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Fantasy Cricket : Why This So Popular In India (Brief Guide)

Fantasy Cricket : Why This So Popular In India (Brief Guide)

Thursday May 23, 2019,

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Sporting apps and websites have been an intrinsic part of our industry for a very long period of time. Even other countries such as the UK and the USA have successfully managed to make a spot for the amazing industry.

Forbes got a report that the American National Football League is a very popular fantasy sports app in the US. The revenue for the sports app is supposed to be at 11 billion in ear 2013. But apart from these countries, there is a rise in fantasy sports apps in other Asian countries too. India is currently on the top of the list of the countries in Asia that consider fantasy sports to be a crucial part.

So, it is important for fantasy sports app developers to know all about the sports app and the development process. First, let’s have an introduction to Fantasy Sports. Fantasy sport is basically an online game where every single user gets to be a team owner. The owner would form the virtual team which has real players. These players are the ones who are actually playing the virtual match.

Introduction To Fantasy Sports In India

India is currently trying to catch up with the trends of fantasy sports in comparison to other countries. However, the future does look promising. Cricket is one of the most famous games in India. There is no doubt about the monumental rise of cricket in the industry. Hence, there are now several big leagues in the game.

Some of these names are ISL or Indian Super League, Indian Badminton League and Pro Kabaddi League. There is also a growth of the different sports enthusiasts due to the huge television viewership.

There are also advertisements, fan clubs, and merchandising to fuel up the sports fever. These are some of the reasons for the growing affection that people have for fantasy sports.

With adventurous additions such as IPL prediction app and other products, the public in India is currently ready for a big leap in the fantasy sports industry.

Market Overview Of Fantasy Sports App In India

India is surely rising on a ladder of users and followers of fantasy sports. About 67% of the 18 crore cricket fans in India are familiar with the concept of fantasy sports. There are more than 7 million people connected to the industry in the recent scenario. The figure doesn’t just contain cricket lovers.

There are some other fans of football and kabaddi as well. When it comes to the percentage, the growth rate of fantasy sports is about 30% to 50% every single year. Such rates of growth indicate that the country needs fantasy sports website development in India. There is also a prediction that the number of followers would reach up to a total of 50 million.

Understanding The Future For Fantasy Sports

The popularity of these fantasy sports is currently spreading just like wildfire all over the country. And there is also an increase in the intensity of this wildfire in the upcoming times. India is also a recent center of attraction for all the fantasy sports operators. Apart from that, there is also an increase in the number of internet users.

With an expected user count of over 600 million, fantasy cricket app development will definitely take a huge jump.

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Top Fantasy Sports App Examples

It is not a surprise to the people when there is a talk about the Fantasy Sports prominence. This is the case for the country as well as the whole world. The entire fan-base is familiar with the fact that Fantasy sports are one of the most famous industries right now. There are different sports enthusiasts that come together. The field would test their skills and knowledge in sports.

There are different sports leagues that are offering their services when it comes to the fantasy sports website development in India.

ISL and IPL are some of the most prominent ones that have their own fantasy leagues. So, in that case, it is important for the users to know all about the fantasy sports apps in India. This will help them in getting an idea about the atmosphere of fantasy sports apps. Here are some of the examples.

Dream 11

The Dream11 app is currently very popular amongst the users right now. With the sports mobile apps taking the lead, this is a name that trumps all. This named has successfully managed to create a niche for itself in the industry.

There is a special place for Dream11 in the hearts and minds of people.

This IPL prediction app can also perform some other functions as well. One of the best things about the platform is that the users will be able to play any game. Whether it is kabaddi, cricket, football or any other game, there are features for everything in the app. That is one of the main reasons why it is one of the best cricket sports fantasy apps.

The participants in the application would be able to win prize amounts regularly and legally. The money can be withdrawn so they can transfer it to their accounts.


HalaPlay is another one of the famous names in the industry. The app provides DFS or Daily Fantasy Sports offers. The users will easily be able to play Football, Cricket, and Kabaddi and that too for a real amount of money. The app has different leagues and each one of them has a different structure of payment.

Those who use the app will get to play sports and will have multiple rewards as well. DFS is basically a shorter and much quicker version of the Fantasy Sports app. Users will be able to create their teams according to their matches. There are no season long teams or any kind of commitment to make in the Daily Fantasy Sports.

Features Required In A Fantasy Sports App

The fantasy sports apps consist of different features that make them the best. The features are absolutely essential when it comes to the development of the apps.

Hence, here are those features with some details. This will provide an understanding to the fantasy sports app developers about the creation of fantasy sports mobile apps.

Admin And User Panel

The user panel and admin panel are two important panels in a Fantasy Sports app. User panel would contain the details about the login or registration page. There will also be a home screen, contest-related information, area of payment and much more. Players will also be able to create their own page for contests and other interesting items as well.

Home Screen

Fantasy Cricket App Development

The home screen is the main portion of the screen where the user would reach after logging in. The screen has some filters from which the user can easily choose the searches. Also, there are some options for deciding match lifting, category, tournaments and so much more.

Contest Screen

Fantasy Cricket App Development

The user will be able to view the different listings of the contests for different matches. The users will have all the details about the matches as well. There are sections such as contest types, winning amounts, entry fee and so much more.


Fantasy Cricket App Development

The users will be able to update and view the profile details here. There are information pieces about account details, reward points, ranking, and other options. There is the admin panel that would consist of areas such as user management, earning, match management. Apart from that, the section has other areas such as CMS page, cash management, bonus, report management too.

Additional Features

To make fantasy sports website more interesting, there are other features to add. The app performance becomes a lot improved with additional features. The works of the admin also cut down a bit. A proper fantasy cricket app development company would offer customization options for the clients. This will make the app more comfortable, targeted, and manageable too.

Some of the additional features are the live match score options, API and CRM integration, Customer main remainder and so much more. Also, there should be some features of Push Notifications, real-time analytics, and GPS location as well. The chatbot API integration is another one of the important features that you need to add.

Cost Of Developing A Fantasy Sports Mobile Applications

In present times, having a fantasy mobile application is really important. There has been a prediction that by the year 2019, about 2.7 billion people will be using fantasy sports apps. This is due to the fact that smartphones are becoming popular amongst the people.

The fantasy sports app with the user panel would cost about $8000 for the Android and iOS platforms. Also, the admin panel would cost about $9000. In case someone is looking for the development services, the cost would depend on the hours that are spent on the project.


The Fantasy sports industry is gaining momentum with time. There are more and more people going towards the development of these fantasy sports app. Hence, the market is pretty up for the developers. When it comes to development, these are some of the details that users cannot miss.