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Impacts of 5G and IoT on consumer driven and industrial use cases by 2020

Impacts of 5G and IoT on consumer driven and industrial use cases by 2020

Tuesday October 30, 2018,

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Impacts of 5G and IOT in nearby future
Impacts of 5G and IOT in nearby future

We heard that IoT will perform the key role in future technological revolution. There is lot buzz around IoT. Tech savvy consumers and Industrialists across the world are eager to know what’s the next big change that world will witness. They are more eager to know how IoT Works and its various use cases. So let me walk you through the nuances of IoT from scratch.

So what is IoT - Internet of Things?

IoT means an ability of network gadgets to sense and gather data from the world around us and then share that data over the internet where it can be processed and utilized for various interesting purposes. Unlike the Internet the IoT devices will create information based on behavior and analyse it to take appropriate action.

To give gist of the concept let me give an example what it can do? How about your Home appliances can talk to each other give valuable insights and optimizations tips. They can even contact customer service in case of glitch or breakdown. It will be at epitome when 5G will roll-out and guess what most of the countries has already started trial tests in 2018 and will be officially launched by 2020.

How it IoT works?

Let me explain it to you briefly how IoT exactly works in most of the cases.

1) Sensors/Devices combination are used

2) Connectivity of various types may be used to achieve necessary tasks like:

Cellular, low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN), satellite, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or connecting directly to the internet via Ethernet.

3) Data Processed and necessary actions are taken by IoT devices. Like Sending Alerts, Email messages etc

4) User Interface - Front-End of IoT device might be Mobile app from where necessary actions can be performed Like Changing Temperature of Cold Storage facility

Now let’s dive into various types of IoT use cases in different areas:

The IoT is booming in every sector but here are the most demanded sectors including manufacturing, energy, healthcare, agriculture and automobiles. As by the reports and statistics there are more than 6.4 Billion devices are connected together with the help of IoT. And the numbers are going to raise 3x before the 2020.

1. IoT in Agriculture Sector:

With the use of this Connected Technologies this sector get the notable increase in profit. The IoT Application for Agriculture use smart sensors to monitor and control Water Pump, Irrigation System and many other agriculture tools and equipment remotely with the smartphone or just based on weather conditions.

Not only that it can also measure the environmental changes in plant, soil and air quality. We are all set to see IoT enabled Tractors, Drones evaluating crop health and sprinkle necessary pesticides. Give tons of charts and dashboards to forecast and improve crop yield.

2. IoT in Healthcare Sector:

In healthcare sector IoT have the potentially lifesaving capabilities, making notable changes in patient health quality and provides the ability of self-monitoring and management of health.

Just because of this real-time monitoring aggregates data that can be analysed to provide a holistic view of the patient’s health, as well as help in understanding the trends that may require the medical intervention.

IoT devices and sensors will not only monitor health of patients and send necessary alerts in case emergency situation arises. We will see overall life span increase due to IoT.

3. Fleet Management:

Fleet management have a big benefit after using IoT. Just because of IoT fleet management becomes more sophisticated and powerful. Fleet Managers can plan their loading and unloading timings in specific manner. It can also be helpful in Trip Analytic and Intelligent Routing.

4. Connected Vehicles:

Connected vehicles are the field in which IoT makes very huge revolution. Years ago when we see self driving cars then we comment that it possible in a movie but can’t be possible in real world. But just because of IoT we will be able to make that imagination possible. And nowadays there are company like Tesla who successfully launched their driver less cars. And that runs well. Even you don’t have to touch the steering; the car will handle all things automatically.

5. Smart Metering:

Smart metering is benefits utilities by enhancing client satisfaction with speedy interaction, while giving customers more control of their energy usage to save money and decrease carbon emissions. With power transparency all the way to meter, utilities can optimize energy distribution and even take action to shift requirement loads.

6.  Predictive Maintenance:

So when it comes to predictive maintenance, the IoT serves to manage assets and reduce or prevent mistakes by monitoring the equipment and notify if there was a possibility of machine malfunctioning. This may sounds very normal and simple. But in fact IoT devices are that they can easily avoid costly and big interruptions by predicting instruments faults before it occurs or sometimes solve the problem by itself.

7. Trash Collection Management System powered by IoT enabled devices:

IoT enabled applications will effectively improves the waste management operations. Pre-defined routes and outdated methods of waste collection are increasingly being replaced with sensor-enabled bins and sophisticated waste management applications.

8. Dangerous Police Chase with ease:

The big law enforcement companies in some American states like Austin, Arizona, Texas, Milwaukee, Los Angeles and many more are using the system known as StarChase that understand the need of police to engage in dangerous high-speed chases of suspects. An air blower launcher on the front of the car auto fires a sticky GPS locator with a transmitter.Police can then remotely track the vehicle as opposed to pursuing it, catching the presume when vehicle stops.

9. Drones for Rain-forest:

Drones will no more be limited to defense or Photography purposes. With 5G Roll-out it will change the way we protect and explore forests. Using Drones will help rangers to save forests from illegal cutting of trees, detect fire, deforestation but also it would be great boon for jungle safari travelers to quickly get the overview of the area they are interested to explore. In this manner Rangers can advise travelers to take required safety measures while exploring forests.

10. Oil and Gas Industry Use Cases:

IoT integrated machines and equipment's will help Oil and Gas Companies gather, analyze, store and relay data from oil field equipment resulting in cost savings, reduced maintenance costs, lengthened machinery lifespan and more efficient performance for workload in demanding environments.

11. Dairy and Farm Sector:

Herd management system for animal recording, productivity and peak-yield management, breeding, preventive health care, fodder management and veterinary care will be at your finger tips. IoT enabled equipment will help in measurement of Cow Milk Conductivity, Yield, Temperature and milk let-down flow rate in near real time.


This all things make the IoT most revolutionary future technology. Here are the some of the best IoT Applications which can easily complete your routine task or help to make your-self safe and secure.

  • Receiving the warning notifications on your mobile or wearable device when IoT detects the sudden changes or physical danger nearby. (Heart attack pre-warning)
  • Self-Parking Vehicles(Think of Volvo and Tesla)
  • Order groceries and other home supplies Automatically(Amazon Dash Wand)
  • New and Improved safety controls from people working in hazardous atmosphere.
  • Tracking location of Individual Manufacturing Product Inventory. 

I hope I have covered it from all the aspects and now it’s your turn to add some use cases by adding comment at the bottom of this page. And I would glad to receive suggestions if I had missed on something. And please don’t miss to share with others who are looking for IoT use cases.