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Implement 7 Keys to Successful Email Marketing: Add Shine to your Business

In order to promote any business or brand to a large group of people, Email Marketing can be considered as a cost-effective tool.

Implement 7 Keys to Successful Email Marketing: Add Shine to your Business

Tuesday June 18, 2019,

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In order to promote any business or brand to a large group of people, Email Marketing can be considered as a cost-effective tool. A majority of consumers make use of various kinds of email services to send/receive important information.

Now, if you convince them to subscribe to your business’s newsletter, it can offer some great benefits. You can also send your product’s details or details about new launches directly into their mailboxes.

All this is possible by promoting your brand and business information by following the professional guidelines from email marketers. So, if you are considering this marketing trend and looking for business promotion via emails, there is a specific procedure. Also, you need to be aware of the key aspects to make the most out of marketing through emails.

Why Email Marketing is an Important Aspect of your Business?

In this era of social media marketing, many business people may doubt if selecting email based marketing is a good choice. But, irrespective of the spam and promotional content in the mailbox, users will still prefer to continue checking their email inbox. So, if this practice is utilized in an effective manner, it is possible to identify potential customers from the traffic. Now, if you want to know how marketing with email can be beneficial for business, there are several reasons to justify it.

Emails are Used by Most Users

If you go through statistical analysis and expert’s reports, above 90% of users opens their email accounts almost every day. This amount of utilization of any other communication channel hasn’t been recorded so far. Hence, if you want to communicate your business’s objectives, goals, and product/service data, emails are best.

Email List can be Retained for Lifetime

When it comes to retaining your contacts on social media platforms, nothing is reliable after a sudden time. So, if the specific platform or your user’s account is removed or suspended, you may lose all the contacts.

This kind of risk exists all the time and you can end up with no solid information to approach the leads. But, when you choose to remain in contact with the consumers through emails, it won’t face a similar consequence. Hence, no matter what, you will never lose your leads that you will generate through Email Marketing.

Boost your Business’s Conversion Rate

Nowadays, it has been a common practice for marketers to send various product deals and discount offers via email. Hence, those people usually turn from leads to buyers, who receives timely emails from businesses. According to digital marketing professionals, the return on investment (ROI) can be huge by converting customers from emails. So, promoting your business with email services is still a hit as compared to marketing through social media.

As per the market reports, the average order amount using email is quite higher than the value on social media. Hence, by availing the services from an email promotion and marketing agency, your business can become more profitable.

Generate New Leads and Bring Back Buyers

While generating leads, you can send emails to the existing users and can also approach the traffic visiting your page. There are specific tools in email-based marketing to grab the user’s attention. Hence, this can enable the owners to show their products/services on the device's screen when users browse the internet.

This is definitely one of the simplest tricks to drive traffic to your website and initiate business. Also, there are incidents when consumers can abandon any ongoing transaction due to network failure or forgetfulness. So, you can use emails for reminding them about the failed transaction or abandoned order in the cart. Often, this kind of approach can influence them re-initiate the transaction and make the purchase.

Collect Customer’s Feedback Using Automated Emails

Many times, the consumers may purchase something from your website but don’t post any response for the products. However, to make your business sustainable in the market, you must have enough credibility. So, if the customer doesn’t talk about your business on product pages or forums, it indicates non-engagement from them. Hence, for engaging your users to have some views about your company, you can ask for feedback. But, it is not possible to trace down every lead or buyer and send them emails one by one. So, you can hire email marketers to enable the feature of automated feedback and engage your customers.

Key Factors in Email Marketing That Can Make Your Business Profitable

Many experts believe in 7 Keys to Successful Email Marketing in order to generate more traffic on websites and boost revenue. But, owners need to make use of marketing techniques while starting an email campaign to promote their businesses. Hence, they need to follow-up with some effective strategies, which can help in generating leads and turn them into buyers. Let’s have a look:

Email Signup or Newsletters

While operating a business in this digital era, the customer base or email list is very crucial to sustain in the competition. This is why you should consider your contacts in email list as your most valuable asset. So, if you are new to this concept of Email Marketing, try to create a small list in the beginning and add up new leads accordingly.

If you aren’t aware of how to form your emailing list to implement marketing strategies for your business, there are some tricks. You can integrate the signup form at certain spots to convince people to register their emails in it.

The spots where you can fit in your signup page or form includes most visited web pages, blogs, articles, social media platforms, events, etc.

Also, you can collect email addresses from potential customers using print Ads or product leaflets.

You can even place a tab for subscribing to newsletters on your business’s website to attract more traffic.

Pay Attention to your Email List

Getting people to sign up for your emails and newsletters don’t work if it's not relevant to their requirements. Hence, as an owner of any business or brand, you need to identify the potential buyers from the traffic. So, instead of collecting random email addresses from users, it's recommended to do some market research.

If you aren’t sure how to create an email list for your business, there are professional marketers to help. Otherwise, you can follow some simple tips to make sure your emails are reaching to the correct consumer.

Before creating an email list, first, try to understand the scope of your business and people’s requirements. For this purpose, you can refer the websites or services from similar business and check out product forums. 

Then identify those who are looking for these products and add them into your email list. You can also collect this information from social media groups that are dealing with the same domain.

Timely Email Alerts Without Flooding Inbox

Readers or consumers can be attracted to your latest products by sending them promotional emails at the correct moment. But, make sure that your timing is proper for sending the message you want to convey.

However, sending too many messages in the user’s inbox can backfire any moment. As not everybody appreciates receiving frequent emails from any specific business.

Hence, make a list of customers who avoids bulk emails and can unsubscribe due to this. Also, create a list of users mind seeing frequent ads or emails in their inboxes.

This way, you will be able to maintain the balance while sending product-related emails to users.

Include Engaging Content in Emails

For marketing methods that make use of email services, it’s all about the right placement of messages. So, when you are sending an email to contacts on your list, try to make them engaging.

To achieve this, your email should have attractive content in forms of both text and pictures (if necessary). Also, try to maintain proper white spaces between the texts, which will be soothing to read.

You can also include the name of the person while sending the email for business purpose. This will be perceived well by the user and they will be able to relate to your business.

Monitor Marketing Outcomes Using Analytics

If you are planning to run marketing campaigns for your company, you should also implement analytics tools. This is really important to keep the progress and failings of your email based marketing strategies.

By making use of Google Analytics or similar tools, you can set your business goals. This will also assist in comparing the outcomes in terms of email subscribers and the content that’s attracting them.

You will also learn how your website is performing after conducting marketing campaigns using email services.

Create Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns

One of the key aspects to promote your business through emails is by developing content for mobile devices. This is quite essential because a majority of online traffic belongs to the category that makes use of smartphones, iDevices, and tablets.

Hence, if your emails aren’t properly displayed on their mobile phones, it can increase the bounce rate. Your potential customers can also unsubscribe from your emails or newsletters due to poor readability.

So, the best way to deal with this limitation is by making your business-related content mobile-friendly. In order to achieve this, owners have the option to adjust their email settings as per the mobile view. Hence, you can select the one-column template to enhance the readability of emails on mobile devices.

Bottom Line...

In order to approach your contacts to discuss your service or products, it's better to use a friendly tone in emails. Sometimes, you can personalize the email rather than sending the same message to bulk users. Hence, you can utilize the platform of marketing automation to send the right content to the right user. Also, there are some effective tools to trace down the overall performance of your Email Marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you Develop an Email Marketing Strategy for your Business?

In order to effectively build an email strategy for the business, you need to follow some specific steps.

Your basic task is to identify the goals, which you can implement for your company using email marketing. So, first, decide whether you are considering this marketing tool for retaining your customers. Also, it may be the case that you want to utilize emails for cross-selling of your products and services. Along with this, try to define your business’s goals by researching on its qualitative and quantitative aspects.

Next, figure out the segment in your business or organization, which can align with the concept of email marketing. After this, you can use the proper tools and practices to establish an email campaign for marketing purposes.

2. What is the Significance of Personalization in Email Marketing?

When customers subscribe to your emails and newsletters, they except that you will provide special services to them. So, if you don’t forward the same common email to every user and personalize them, it can be more impactful.

This will show them that your business cares about every individual and not just sending random emails. To retain customers and convince them to become loyal consumers, email personalization is important.

3. How Email Analytics Work in Marketing?

If you want to determine the reports on your sent emails, analytics is essential in email marketing. For example, if you are using Google Analytics to track down the activities of your business’s email, there are certain steps. First, you need to enter your username and password for logging into your Google Analytics profile.

Then, locate the tab for ‘Reporting’ on the top navigation bar and click on it. Also, find the option of ‘All Campaigns’ after clicking ‘Acquisition’ and ‘Campaigns’. The Analytics software offers many such features to measure the overall sales and conversions in your business using email marketing.