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Importance of Cloud Computing Courses

Cloud computing allows you to store and access data and programs in the virtual platform instead of your computer’s hard drive. Cloud computing can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. What is the importance of cloud computing courses and help you in future.

Importance of Cloud Computing Courses

Monday May 27, 2019,

7 min Read

What a lot of people do not know is that network-based computing actually originated in the 1960s and the word “cloud computing” and its usage was first coined in the year 2006. Cloud computing is a technology that has been introduced in open source at a time when everyone’s internet bandwidth increased by leaps and bounds thanks to the introduction of high speed internet connectivity. It was when a number of major companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon began using these technologies that the term ‘cloud computing’ actually became popular in different industries.

These days, it is easy to see that cloud computing courses have actually gained a lot of popularity among students as well as working professionals. As different industries are shifting more and more towards cloud technologies, the demand for professionals who have completed their cloud computing training is also constantly on the rise.

Enrolling in a course for cloud computing can be quite a wise decision for you in case you wish to pursue a career in cloud technologies. There are several online cloud computing courses that are available for both students as well as working professionals.

How does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud computing basically offers everyone a safe storage facility for their data and files. All the files that are stored in the Cloud are stored in a server in an array of data centres that are spread all across the globe. In such a facility, it is important to get the exact location of any data, as different organisations have the option to use a number of server locations from all around the world. The way for users to get access to the files that are stored on the Cloud is via the right credentials and an internet connection.

cloud computing courses online

The importance of the Cloud

There is no doubt that the Cloud has proven to be an important innovation in recent times. With the Cloud, users are able to run applications on a virtual platform. They are also not required to download these applications, which may anyway take up a large amount of space in their systems’ hard drives. Cloud storage basically has a number of advantages to offer, some of which are as follows:

●       Flexibility of use

●       Easily accessibility to stored data from any device connected to the internet

●       Better backup of stored data

●       Access to a secure platform

The Importance of Cloud Computing Courses

There is no doubt that over the last few years, the cloud computing industry has managed to garner a lot of interest as well as investment. Today, cloud computing has become a very integral part of the entire infrastructure of the IT industry as well as for many companies all over the world. According to several industry analysts, the cloud computing industry has been growing rather swiftly in recent times, and is expected to expand even further. The market is full of some major players when it comes to cloud computing. From Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, there is no dearth of cloud computing platforms in the market. Students can opt for a number of online cloud computing courses to hone their skills in the field.

As cloud computing becomes more and more critical not just for the IT industry, but also for businesses in general, the demand for professionals with the right skills in cloud computing has also grown. A certification for completing the right cloud computing courses is the best way to prove that a professional is equipped with the right knowledge and skills to be able to compete favourably in the industry. Some of the reasons why cloud computing courses can prove to be important for your career are listed below:

  • Demands for Knowledgeable Cloud Computing Professionals Will Keep Growing

These days, almost all organisations are on the lookout for IT professionals who have undertaken professional training in cloud computing. Such skilled personnel can help the businesses implement the cloud environment into their infrastructure without having to face any hassles or hindrance in the process. Even a casual search on a job portal will be able to reveal that there are numerous openings in the world for cloud computing professionals.

If a student or professional worker goes through comprehensive cloud computing training and certification, they will have a definite edge in the job market. Such courses and certifications cover the best practices, latest trends, and of course the key concepts that a candidate needs to be well aware of to make a successful career in this field. There are a large number of job openings in cloud computing, and the demand for skilled professionals is only increasing. A course in cloud computing can equip you with the required skills for working on different kind of cloud platforms.

  • Improves the Earning Potential of Candidates

It is a well-known fact that owing to the high demand for skilled professionals in the field, the salaries for cloud developers, architects, and administrators are quite competitive. With the right certification and experience in dealing with cloud computing platforms, candidates can bag decent salary packages as compared to those who lack the proper certifications and skills. Training in the field of cloud computing can give your career the boost it needs, and help you take a step towards increased earning potential.

  • Enhanced Job Security

Like most of the advantages of completing a cloud computing course, this benefit also stems from the fact that there is a high demand for cloud computing professionals in almost all industries and fields. If you pursue the right course and stay up to date with your skillset in cloud computing, you will be able to get jobs that are mostly unaffected by the volatile nature of the market. One of the reasons behind this is the fact that many companies find it difficult to find IT professionals who also have the cloud computing skills required by the company. So all in all, as long as you are up to date with cloud computing, you can rest assured that you will have job security.

  • A Cloud Computing Course Helps Prove Your Expertise and Also Promotes Your Credibility among Employer and Peers

Pursuing certifications in cloud computing is a great way by which you can measure your knowledge as well as skills against the benchmarks of the industry. When an organisation is looking to hire a candidate to a cloud-related position, three of the top four attributes that they look for are training, certification, and experience.

If you have certification in cloud computing, it implies that you are skilled enough to help the company reduce costs and risks in implementing the projects and workloads onto various cloud platforms. It also helps you find opportunities for cloud-related projects, as you will be seen as a credible subject matter expert by the company and your clients. Your certification will show that you are fully able to handle cloud deployment in the organisation and to work on a number of complex procedures related to the same. You can also keep in mind is the fact that there are cloud computing courses available online where you can pursue vendor-specific certifications as well.

  • It Betters Your Chances of Getting Shortlisted for Interviews

If you are on the lookout to get into the cloud industry, having certification in a cloud computing course can actually help you clear the first rounds to get you to the interview stage. A certification on your resume will help you get noticed more easily by the companies as it will show your prospective employer that you have the required skills, expertise, and knowledge for the position.

In the last few years, the way businesses operate has been transformed beyond recognition, thanks to cloud technology. Today, almost all companies, big or small, depend heavily on the cloud to not just host but also implement their critical applications. Whether you want to enter the industry or you wish to grow your career, the right cloud computing course can help you hone your skills and better your career prospects.