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Importance of Experiential Marketing Activations for Events

In an age of continuous social chatter, digital abundance and advertisements popping up about almost everywhere, an experiential marketing agency is the best bet for any event to effectively cut out the noise and reach its consumer.

Importance of Experiential Marketing Activations for Events

Saturday May 25, 2019,

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In an age of continuous social chatter, digital abundance and advertisements popping up about almost everywhere, an experiential marketing agency is the best bet for any event to effectively cut out the noise and reach its consumer. Breaking it down for you and starting from the very beginning, experiential marketing is essentially a method that enables brands and products to market themselves on activation ground using immersive experiences.  

Having been in the game for only a while; this game changer has exceeded the results of both traditional & digital media in the metrics of consumer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty by a lot. Because unlike them experiential marketing happens to use two-way communication. Need to understand this pioneering approach of marketing more before letting it in your marketing activation plan! Read on.

Reason Behind Effectiveness of the Experiential Marketing

Where the commercials, digital media, email marketing tell a consumer about brand experience, experiential technology solutions allow them to experience it for themselves in real-time. This, in turn, creates a memorable bond between the brand and consumer, which used to be just a dream for any marketer before its advent. This is surely a power beyond the traditional means of marketing.

The right interaction placement and direction given to the attendees at the event helps them stay happily engaged while giving you final engagement data at the end of the day, a measurement for the success for any event activation company. Rest assured, every valuable engagement instance collected via experiential marketing will make your brand stay fresh in the mind of your consumer for a longer period.

Further more, by putting that extra effort to cater your consumer a pleasant experience, you invariably express how valuable they are for you and how eagerly you await their feedback and perception regarding your brand or product. The more they interact with the brand, come forward to experience it and immerse their senses in it, greater would the strength of the bond formed.

This occasion of intimacy becomes even more special for the event attendees when they get a chance to spread the word-of-the-mouth about your Social 360° photo booth, participatory pop-up or Instagrammable marketing activation. This way, instead of just blandly reading-up a pre-made content about you, they themselves get to have a say about how great your brand really is. They love to flaunt their relationship with the brand in front of the world, gaining you their precious instant loyalty, which was otherwise lost to you on other mediums of marketing.

Facts support all these statements staunchly. A study of “Event Marketing Institute’s Event Track” claims that after attending any experiential marketing activation around 74% of its attendees begin to see the concerned brand in a whole new positive light while 98% subconsciously get inclined to buy the product after participating in the event. Reason being, at these events the attendees’ associations, attachments and feelings end up influencing their purchase habits and loyalty.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be going too far to state that experiential technology solutions are not just a marketing mode but a means of engaging openly, communicating, storytelling and asking the consumers to not believe anyone else but explore the brand themselves and make a proper decision based on their sharp instincts.

This marketing demands efforts, time, proper budgeting, and promises great returns. Best part of it, you do not even need to do it all by yourself. Instead, you can just hire any good experiential marketing agency at a very economical costs.

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The Future of Experiential Marketing

All this talk and given stat clearly show that the majority of marketers now view this marketing mode as an indispensable part of their brand strategies. They fully accept and understand that branded real-time touch points are the need-of-the-hour to manifest sensory and emotional connection in their consumers.

Not only this, even the targeted consumers have started craving more for such interactive experiences with the brands giving the “here & now” experiential marketing an all-time hype and boom. To tapping on this craving sensation the right way, brand marketers need to come with more imaginative ways of keeping their consumers engaged. A good event activation company can give you the option of involving brand partnerships, VR, QR codes, live video streaming etc at your activation.

In the end, however, no matter what creative activation strategy you head for or ask your agency to conduct for you, they all should ask your participants to login into their social media platform and share the experience then & there. This tactic allows the attendees to give a genuine shout out to the world about your brand and expands your reach, thus multiplying your gains ten-folds.

Summarising, to gain new relationships and refresh the old ones by touching upon fun & beneficial emotions; catch hold of a new experiential marketing activation idea, include it your quarterly/annual plan, get a trustable agency to discuss and deploy it on the event spot, and get ready to reap its innumerable benefits.

Cheers to great marketing experience!