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The Importance of Social Skills for Students

The Importance of Social Skills for Students

Tuesday December 24, 2019,

4 min Read

Social skills are important to lead a life in general, and it’s the schooling stage where an individual starts developing it as a child. Thus we must highlight and glorify the importance of social skills for students.

Different individual humans pose different sets of personalities or say no two humans are similar personality-wise. One can be outgoing and extroverted while others may be in contrast, who prefers be self-conserved rejoicing less interaction with others. However, a famous saying “A man is a social animal” depicts that humans need to interact and comply with some already set social norms (concerned to his/her society). As they depend on the people of other society segments in varied ways. However, social skills are something that can’t be studied like subjects but inculcated and developed over time.

Social skills: A necessity to lead a better quality of life

Social skills in general directly affect the quality of life. Every human being strives to achieve a good quality of life or say live an accomplished life and be happy. And within human society, the two main components that lead to it are relationships and livelihood, and both of these are hugely affected by our social skills.

Social skills: To develop everlasting relationships

People with social skills difficulties often struggle to form friends, they're often isolated, and they may be rejected by their peers. Since social skills are very important to be able to communicate appropriately with our peers to make friends.

Well, it may be found in the early life say during school days, when you can hear the saddest things from a kid that no one likes them. That they don't have any friends and that's because they struggle with their social skills.

Social skills: For success at school

Social competence is a critical variable in predicting whether someone will be successful later on in life. It means that if you look at the levels of school and wonder and try to predict which ones of those kids are going to be able to go on, get into college, get a job or make a great livelihood. Then surprisingly, you would find that it’s the socially skilled children that are more likely to be able to achieve that.

It has also been found that when institutions like boarding schools focus systematically to student’s social and emotional skills, it changes certain aspects of a schoolchild. Children’s academic achievement increases, their problem behaviours incidence also decreases, and the quality of the relationships around each child improves.

Hence, there is a direct relationship between social competence and academic competence and success at school.

Social skills: For success at the later stages of life

Our quality of life is also based on our employment, our ability to get into college, get a job and earn the desired livelihood. Additionally, this is very much linked to whether we've been able to be successful at school. When these school children get into work, these social skills prove to be of importance there too.

It has been found that 80% of the people who fail at work do so because they don't relate well to other people who may be their colleagues, their fellow mates, their clients etc.

Thus social competences are hugely relevant when we're talking about being successful in general.

Social skills: To let you stay out of trouble

We know that children who have social skills difficulties often exhibit challenging or problematic behaviours.

A recent study found that between 60% and 90% of the young people who pass through young offender institutions or say juvenile homes, found to have communication difficulties. Hence it indicates that there has to be a link between our social competence and our ability to stay out of trouble. This very factor clearly indicates the necessity and importance of social skills for the students.

If it seems that your child hasn't developed those skills, then you do need to worry and need to do something. Either you can figure out the measures to be taken on your own, or may take the help of professionals or better seek intuitions like boarding schools. Wherein, they not only focus on academics but the overall aspects of child development, and most importantly instilling social skills in the students.

 Once we learn the importance of social skills in students, we realize its importance in later stages of life as well. We realize that these social skills are very important for the quality of our lives, the ability to have relationships, the ability to be successful. To have employment not only in terms of livelihood, but to be able to find a place in society, and to stay out of trouble, let alone being a menace and ultimately to be happy!!