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Important aspects about Shops and Establishment Act

Important aspects about Shops and Establishment Act

Tuesday April 09, 2019,

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The Primary goals of the Shops and Establishment Act

One of the main reason to have shop and Establishment Act to have come to force is to have systematic perks for all employees employed under various establishment, theatres or places of amusement.

The Guidelines of the Shop and Establishment Act

There are some guidelines which employers have to adhere to like working hours of the employees daily and every week. The stipulated time for opening and closing of the shop, adhering to national or religious relief, regulation for recruitment of children and women, maternity leaves, sick leaves etc is to be followed by the employer.

Records to be made or maintained under shops and establishment Act

All businesses have to ask for the validation or approval of the department of labour, regarding their pay, deductions, leaves, etc under the Act. in Municipal Corporation total count of the employees needs to be submitted to Municipal Corporation.

License requirement for the Shop and Establishment Act

Shops and Establishment Act is a mandatory requirement that all Shops owners or employers are required to follow, therefore all Act or Shops are required to apply under shops and establishment Act, within 30 days of the beginning. To acquire Shops and Establishment License, PAN card of the shop owner or the establishment itself, a photocopy of the rent Agreement, or the sale deed and information about of the employees is mandatory.

Shops and Establishment Act Registration Process In India

I Business day

For the Registration PAN card, proof of the address of the Directors, partners and Proprietors, and information of the staff need to be sent in.

2 Business Days

The registration will be filed on your behalf at the regional municipal corporation. We will do the entire process for you, therefore physical presence of yours is not required to be made.

7 Business Days

Within a span of week you will be acknowledged on the process of initiation. And if in any case inspector calls for submission of the additional Documents, we will get back to you on the same. Once all the documents are submitted, the process will be completed and closed. The registration hard copy will be issued anywhere between 10 days if applied in a metro cities or may take 15 to 20 days while applying from other parts of India.

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