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Can Indian Girls Reach Financial Freedom without the help of Men?

Financial Freedom should be Indian girls' priority

Can Indian Girls Reach Financial Freedom without the help of Men?

Friday January 03, 2020,

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“Can Indian girls reach financial freedom without the help of men?” – This type of questions hit my mind now and then. As an Indian girl I too have observed girls life and boys life. And every time I felt something is missing in Indian female world.

This is Ankita Kamat, I’m Indian girl and founder of Frugal Beat. Now I’m in my 20s and I believe in women empowerment. Especially Indian girls should empower themselves to take charge and accomplish big dreams in their life. Today I’m going to share how can Indian girls reach financial freedom without the help of men.

What is financial freedom?

Financial freedom means if you are doing a job today then even if you quit your job then also you can bear all the monthly expenses for a life long. This means you are financially free and secure. Does this sounds great? Well, as an Indian young girl if you prepare a kickass strategy to save money then you can accomplish financial freedom in life.

Financial Freedom of a girl

What are the steps to achieve financial freedom as an Indian girl?

As an Indian girl you should take simple steps to be financially independent. First you must figure out how to make money. And also know be aware of different types of income sources.

Let me elaborate on few aspects which will help you to be financially independent.

Be frugal every day

I’ve also adapted frugal living as an Indian girl. You should also know that by being frugal you will get more benefits in life. Now you may thinking what is all about being frugal and how to be frugal. Let me help you to understand the real meaning of frugal living.

Frugal living means living your life economically without spending more money. Even I don’t like to waste any resources and money. So every day I adapt frugal living. This helps me to be resourceful in my life. So you must also learn to save money and resources. Be thrifty everyday.

Be a confident Indian woman

If you really want to take charge of your life as an Indian woman by accomplishing financial freedom then be confident. Learn to take risks in life. And even learn to take calculated financial risks. Even I’m taking financial risks in life and exploring different types of money investments.

But you must know your risk taking capacity when it comes to money. You should not lose money here. So sensible financial decisions are necessary. Actually I feel Indian girls don’t think about investing money. But I say- Be aware of various passive income streams like mutual funds and share market where you can earn more money. But also be smart with your money without losing your money.

Don’t afraid to take financial decisions

Most of the Indian women think that they can’t take right financial decisions. And they feel that financial decisions are meant for male. But now it’s time to take charge. Now as a woman you must not underestimate yourself while making financial decisions.

If you don’t take charge then you can’t grow financially. So take your own financial decisions and learn to manage your money without stress.

Don’t spend more money on shopping

You don’t need to buy each and everything just because you like it. Here you should control your spending habit as a young Indian woman. Usually, women love shopping and they spend a lot of money on clothes and jewellery. But if you spend money like this then you can’t achieve financial freedom. So Always be careful while shopping. Learn to live frugally.

And also don’t buy new clothes and jewellery on each small occasion. Try to live frugally and adapt simple living. Even I don’t waste my money on unnecessary things. I don’t buy the things just because It looks beautiful. So understand your needs and then pick the products. Don’t pick any product if it’s not necessary for you.

Read good books to be practical with money

Reading habit is really good. Even I read books. So you can read good books to improve your finical knowledge. When you read books about money implement all ideas practically in day-to-day life. This is how you will learn to handle your money well.

My words to Indian women

It’s not about how much money you earn in life. But how well you live your life by spending less money. So start to save money and be thrifty Indian women fulfil your all financial goals. Soon you will get financially freedom in life.