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Innovation in Mobility has Revolutionised the FinTech Industry.

Innovation in Mobility has Revolutionised the FinTech Industry.

Friday June 26, 2020,

5 min Read

Can you recall the times when there were no mobile applications to work for the FinTech industry? Even if you don’t, then we wouldn’t judge you for sure because those days are long gone. But if you come to think of it, the processes were completely different from the ones that we are using right now. However, mobility has revolutionized the BFSI sector.

Getting in touch with customers, finding their feedback, and other significant banking tasks were not easy to perform at that time. However, mobility has made it convenient for customers as well as banks. In the past, customers had to visit the bank branch for any sort of tasks they have to perform.

Mobility solutions are certainly one of the best gifts that we can have for sure. To make you understand how it has revolutionized the industry and how you will keep drawing benefits, let’s get down to details.

Food for thought: An average user spends about 3 hours in total on their smartphones every single day.

More and more people are inclined to use mobile applications. This is something that has been utilized properly by the finance and banking sectors. They have been creating top-of-the-line IT solutions and services for BFSI with the help of mobility solutions.

Financial Organizations and Mobile Technologies

If you are a part of the FinTech organization, then without a doubt you might be aware of the benefits mobility solution has to offer. However, you need to ensure that you have the answer to the questions before that happens in the best way.

How the productivity of employees get improved with mobility? How will customer satisfaction be enhanced? What mobile applications will you be developing? Which features would be appropriate for the productivity of financial services?

Also, the data security with these mobility solutions is something that is a concern as well. The data of the people are pretty sensitive for sure. So, you need to protect it separately in the best way to have the best results as well.

Hence, building mobile applications with security systems is something that you need to look into for sure.

Here is a fun fact: About 32% of mobile banking happens in order to check the account balance.
16% of users do mobile banking in order to see the transaction history. And about 13% of the total users do mobile banking in order to check all the details about fund transfer that happens between different existing accounts.

Introducing Mobility in Financing Sector

Introducing Mobility in Financing Sector

There is no doubt that mobility solutions have gone through drastic changes and has some amazing new techniques to offer in the best possible way. Mobility solution is revolutionized to provide better customer experience. With the help of mobility, you can automate the entire process of transaction in the best way. So, there will be no human participation at all. The customers will be much happier with that, believe us.

Transformation of Financial Services With Mobility

Well, you might be surprised to know that not only just the customers are benefitted from mobility but banks as well. There are new and amazing chances that they can use in order to have some healthy relationships with their customers.

Transformation of Financial Services With Mobility

Also, employee productivity has been increased a lot due to mobility in the best way. They can work in the best way and that too from anywhere. Doesn’t that seem convenient?

We bet you might not be knowing this. The productivity of employees increased up to about 75% with the enhancement of mobility in the financial sector.

Your customers with their mobile phones in hand tend always to expect more and faster. So, with mobile applications, it has become possible and viable as well. This also increases the performance of the financial industry, as well.

With the world changing so fast, you need to make sure that you are staying in the market. Mobility is the solution for that. So, why don’t you go ahead and try it out in the first place? We are pretty sure that you are going to like it as the outcomes are amazing.

Change In Finance Services With Mobility

  • It has assisted enterprises to stay connected with the world along with speeding up the process.
  • Without any human participation, mobility transaction has become automated.
  • Mobility is assisting organizations to increase their productivity, meet customer expectations, and cut down the cost of day to day transactions that were previously carried out manually.
  • It has become so much convenient for customers to make the transactions on their mobile devices

Not just that but you will have all the news of every single promotional activity that your bank is doing. That is all thanks to the amazing use of mobility for sure. With the change of times, this is the time for us to change as well. With the advent of mobility, enterprises and companies are not more comfortable with businesses and finances. Enterprise-to-customer communication is increased and has become much better and convenient.

Wrapping Up

Mobility has transformed the FinTech in a big way and offering a whole new secure and reliable experience over traditional financial and banking. It has not just made it convenient for customers but encouraging and empowering them to actively participate in their financial lives in the best possible way. If you want to leverage the benefits of Mobility solutions and looking for a reliable BFSI solution provider, then you have landed on the right page. Hire software developers from us and leverage our top-of-the-line BFSI development services to get your job done.