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An Insider’s look into the features that shape up a robust and safe UberEats Clone App

An Insider’s look into the features that shape up a robust and safe UberEats Clone App

Thursday June 04, 2020,

6 min Read

A single pathogen in the streets has left billions of people stranded to their homes. Places of high congestions have turned empty. People neither go to their offices nor follow their routines and they are confined to the four walls of their homes. The infected count is growing at an alarming pace globally. The high mortality count and the death rate have instilled fears in people’s mind to step out. Amid all these chaos, the on-demand app industry is functioning efficiently to meet people's demands. 

In fact, entrepreneurs are coming up with vital strategies to reach out to people in need. An on-demand food delivery app development is proving to be greatly profitable and beneficial in this quarantine season. People avail instant doorstep services from restaurants all across the town. However, the safety of food is a matter of concern for entrepreneurs and users. In this blog, let’s take a comprehensive look at the features that make up a best-in-class UberEats clone app.

Now, an app development doesn’t involve developing the front-end alone. It involves an overall visualization of how your app should turn out, right from UI/UX design to app support. As an extensive app solution idea, you must integrate features into the food delivery chain's various networks, including  

  • User app
  • Delivery Professional app
  • Restaurant app 
  • Admin panel 

Features, on an overall perspective, are divided into two categories. One, the basic features that are common to almost every food delivery app. Two, the advanced features that make your app stand apart from the rest. In this pandemic situation, your app can gain instant popularity if you ensure the food safety via these advanced features. 


Basic features of User app: 

  • Registration: Users can register in the app either by specifying the essential details or through different social media handles.
  • Instant search: Users can search for food products through this feature and can access them instantly. 
  • In-app navigation: The real-time tracking feature is a bedrock of any on-demand delivery app. Users can track their food orders at any time. 
  • Payment methods: Users can pay via multiple payment options available in the app, including credit, debit cards, digital wallets, etc. 
  • Ratings and reviews: This feedback mechanism can help in enhancing your services from time-to-time. Users can rate and review their order experience with this in-app feature. 


Advanced features of User app: 

  • Filter options: For users with hefty schedules, time is money. Users can apply enhanced filter options to order the food they are looking for. Some sorting options include price, delivery time, ratings, etc. 
  • Re-order: In just a few taps, users can re-order their previous orders from their history. This greatly conserves time and helps them maintain an effective routine. 
  • Schedule later: Users can schedule food orders from their favorite restaurants well in advance. A separate feature allowing restaurants to enable scheduling options prevents hassles. 
  • Multilingual support: Users can choose the language of the app according to their preference. This not only attracts diversified users but also increases their convenience to a considerable extent. 

Basic features of Delivery Professional App: 

Delivery executives are inevitably the backbones of your food delivery app. Some of the basic features include, 

  • Admin verification: Delivery professionals, after registering in their app, upload essential documents for the verification of admin. 
  • Availability toggle: Delivery workers can switch between their availability with the help of this toggle feature. This way, they can offer their service during their free hours. 
  • Accept/Reject requests: Delivery workers can accept or reject user requests based on different parameters like distance, delivery fee, etc. 
  • Push notifications: They are notified instantly on user requests with the aid of push notifications. As a result, they needn’t open the app every time during their transit. 
  • Manage deliveries: Delivery workers can pick up multiple deliveries on the way, according to their interests. 


Advanced features of Delivery Professional App: 

  • Notice board: Admins can share critical information to all delivery executives with the help of this feature. 
  • Earning details: Delivery professionals can view their daily, monthly, or quarterly earnings reports. 
  • In-app chat/call: Both delivery professionals and users are left stranded if there is no communication network between the two. Delivery professionals can contact users in case of emergencies, specific instructions, etc. 

Basic features of Restaurant app: 

  • Availability slider: Restaurants can toggle between their availability with this slider feature. 
  • Order management: With an intuitive dashboard, restaurants can manage different orders effectively, leading to timely delivery. 
  • Restaurant charges: Restaurants can set their packing and other value-added charges, according to their own parameters. 
  • Geolocation: Restaurant managers get to know the exact time of arrival of delivery professionals. They can manage orders accordingly to enable time delays. 

Advanced features of Restaurant app: 

  • Real-time menu: Restaurants can update their menu in real-time according to their availability. This significantly increases the reliability of users towards the app. 
  • Feature listings: Restaurants can update certain food products in their menu as bestsellers, thereby attracting users towards them. 
  • In-app communication: Similar to the delivery professional app, restaurants have the option of communicating with users and delivery workers for custom notes or queries.

Basic features of Admin panel: 

  • God’s eye view: One of the primary aims of the admin is to monitor the activities of the app. Admins can supervise the entire app sitting at a single place with this feature. 
  • Heat Map: Admins can identify areas of maximum demand and can reroute delivery professionals accordingly. 
  • Surge pricing: Admins can set surge pricing in high-demand areas, leading to increased revenue. 
  • Offers and discounts: Admins can provide offers and discounts to loyal customers, enhancing the trustworthiness of the platform. 

Advanced features of Admin panel: 

  • Geofencing: Admins can set geographical boundaries upto which their system operates. The system generates an error signal whenever delivery professionals go beyond these boundaries. 
  • Dispute management: Admins can manage disputes arising among users, delivery professionals, and restaurants with this feature. 
  • Advanced analytics: Admins get to know advanced analytics from time-to-time, thereby growing the business and working on areas of improvement. 

Unique features to ensure the safety of an UberEats clone app amid COVID-19: 

  • Contactless deliveries: Users can opt for contactless delivery options. By doing so, delivery workers will place food orders in front of users’ homes and inform them regarding the same. This way, there is no external physical contact made. 
  • Disabling Cash on Delivery: Admins can disable the cash on delivery option in high-risk areas. They can encourage users to adopt cashless transactions. Besides, adding different digital modes of payment can come in handy. 
  • Reject food orders: Users can reject food orders if they find the orders not adhering to the safety standards. Users are reverted the entire amount without any hassles. 
  • Drivers’ safety checklist: Drivers can pick up orders only if they are well-equipped with the safety checklist. This includes masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc. Admins can request these delivery workers to upload a selfie equipping themselves with the safety gear and verify the same before letting them accept user requests. 

Wrapping up, 

Features determine your app’s success in the market. Your UberEats clone app should house a perfect mix of unique and user-friendly features. Make sure you integrate these features into your app during your on-demand food delivery app development and take on your rivals by storm.