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Is an MBA a Requisite for Success in Life?

Is an MBA a Requisite for Success in Life?

Monday December 24, 2018,

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As per a recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review & INSEAD, 40% of the CEOs in India have an MBA, whereas 60% of them don’t. That’s a big figure in favor of one degree that dominates the business world. 

An MBA degree is a pre-requisite for being a good manager but no degree in the world can have a direct co-relation to one’s success in life. Success can be achieved through anything in life, whether one has a graduation degree or not. A student acquiring an MBA degree can give a head start in today’s highly competitive market. But after a point, it’s the student’s caliber and personality that truly takes him ahead in his career. 

MBA is not the degree, which brings success; there are many other fields to choose from. Many of the world’s richest men are not MBA’s, but are doctors, engineers, actors, designers and the list goes on. But in order to organize the flow of thoughts someone has to ride the train of consequences and that’s what a manager do.  

MBA degree opens up a shortcut to a better job as compared to a simple under graduate degree.  MBA enhances many skills like speaking, time management, personality development and similar things. A student is exposed to various facets of an organization like finance, operations, marketing, and many more which opens up his horizon very early in his life, which otherwise takes years for others to witness and learn. MBA is more of an investment one does on improving his or her skill set and equipping with the right tools for entering the corporate life. 

Many top colleges in India are offering two-year full-time residential programmes to students, which allow institutes to groom them in a highly efficient manner emphasizing on development of not just soft skills but also overall personality transformation. A good MBA programme not only teaches students course content but also helps develop traits like team work, leadership skills, working under pressure, motivation, and many more. 

Ahmedabad is considered as one of the important destinations for management studies. Not only the city houses some of the best BBA and MBA colleges in Ahmedabad but it also offer many innovative programmes like BBA MBA integrated courses, top, Executive diploma in management, MBA in family business and entrepreneurship and many more.  

Most of the organizations prefer a post graduation degree for the employees for the employees working in their organization or while hiring a new employee. or the employees working in their organization or while hiring a new employee. An employee with Post Graduate degree or an MBA has more chances of promotion.  

We can conclude this by stating that an MBA degree does not work like a magic portion, and doesn’t guarantee one a success in life. An MBA degree helps one develop and enhance their existing skill set. An MBA degree can give a student an edge over the others who may have just pursued graduation. However there is no such mandate that only an MBA degree will make a student succeed in his career.