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How to Keep Your Sanity while in Quarantine

How to Keep Your Sanity while in Quarantine

Thursday April 16, 2020,

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We humans are social creatures and we need to interact with other people especially those who are extroverted. Social networking websites would not be so successful if it were not the case. Anyway, a lot of us are trapped in our own houses and are advised to stay at home and to only go out to purchase supplies or attend a medical exam.

So what ways can we keep our sanity? We’ve listed some ways you can keep your sanity while in isolation.

  • Start or continue a hobby.

With work suspended, why not take this opportunity to brush up on those rusting painting skills? Or how about writing that novel you’ve put off in a long while? People are creative and we can find ways to keep our minds busy. Post your work on social media and get likes for it. That could inspire you or others even for just a bit in the midst of this pandemic. And while we’re at the topic you can take short online classes to gain new skills you could use later when work resumes. This also helps keep your mind off of the pandemic.

  • Garden

If you are into gardening, now is a great time to tend to the fields. Besides, your produce can come handy when food is not available. Granted it will take some time before the plants grow. There are other ways to grow food, you can grow micro-greens. These are a healthy source of nutrients especially now with the covid 19 outbreak. You can plant and harvest micro-greens in just a few days. Watching something alive and growing can help alleviate the stress from seeing all the reports about those who died from the virus.

  • Help Keep The Virus Spread Down

Are you great with sewing? Why not sew some face masks for people. Poor communities in other countries have taken to outsource production of face masks for the general public. It may not be medical grade but at least this will keep people from buying n95 masks. Speaking of N95 masks, if you have the proper tools and knowledge, why not help produce masks for our front-liners. There’s a shortage for the mask right now and a lot of our medical pros need them.

  • Avoid Bad News

We should be very conservative and careful about what news to believe and listen to. If we just take in all the negative news, it will only cause us to stress unnecessarily. So only listen to updates once in a while and listen to reputable sources such as doctors.

  • Communicate with Friends and Relatives Online

At least for now the best we can do is to communicate online. Nothing beats a face to face conversation but that’s not a really good idea right now. Social media networks are available right now compared to a hundred years ago when the Spanish flu was around. So why not take advantage of the technology.

Final Word to Keep Sanity

While physical isolation is a must, this does not mean we have to be alone. We can only be thankful for the advancement in communication that allows us to still communicate with friends and family. If you are not alone at home and you have your immediate relatives, play board games, do some cooking, and do activities as a family, particularly those that can be done indoors. Take this time to mend any misunderstandings among family members and strengthen your relationships with one another especially in these dark times we’re living in. We need everybody to be strong.