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Key Benefits of Outsourcing the Mobile App Development

Advantages of Offshore Mobile Application Development over in-house Mobile Development Solutions

Key Benefits of Outsourcing the Mobile App Development

Thursday March 07, 2019,

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With 50,000 million downloads of 700,000 iOS and Andriod apps, who can deny the power of reach to the end-consumers? The concept of e-commerce connected with payment gateways is leading prudent business owners to expand on the rising wave of putting business on the go through app creation.

The decision of launching your business app is easy. But the choice of how you approach the solution has many options. You should consider many factors before taking the plunge into mobile development phase. It is important to go through all of the alternatives and assess what path suits you the best.

Developing an in-house app has its advantages like safety and control. However the current market trend is to outsource the Mobile Application Development process to other IT firms. In a recent study, it was found that 70% of businesses outsource their app development and are happy with the end-results. Key benefits of Outsourcing the Mobile Application Development are as follows.

  • Selecting Best from the Rest
  • Better Business Practices on the Front
  • Getting right Product within Budget
  • Pay for Only the Time Spent on Project
  • Less Stress and More Output
  • Business Analytics for Higher Consumer Satisfaction

Advantages of Remote Mobile App Development

Advantages of Offshore Mobile App Development

Let us explain in detail the fringe advantages of Remote Mobile Application Development over in-house mobile development solutions.

Selecting Best from the Rest

When you are going for remote mobile app development, you are expanding your choices to not just within your vicinity but globally. This means you have a wide range of developers and companies to choose from. Once you have figured out your budget, time and scope requirements; it's a fairly easy game to do a thorough search to find out the best possible matches. Since you have opted to go for a remote dev team, you have broadened the resource pool which makes it easier for you to find the best possible match for your app development.

Sometimes business owners aren't even sure to use which platform for app development. By choosing the right team, you can even discuss your technological requirements as they are technically sounder to offer you viable advice in this regard. Therefore, it is a lot likely that you are starting off on your app creation with a higher chance of success.

Better Business Practices on the Front

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing mobile app development is the incorporation of best business practices in the product development life-cycle. Contrary to popular beliefs, many of remote dev teams are certified agile practitioners. As a result, products are developed as per the highest industry standards. The team of developers streamlines communication and tasks so that the flow of information is continuous without any halt or interruption in work.

Because you would be investing in a team of experts, you are likely to have an encouraging environment of ideas sharing and learning that boosts the overall productivity in the project. As a result, the developed product has less errors requiring minimal testing and deployment time as well as be spot-on in delivering the right product within the decided time frame.

Getting right Product within Budget

With mobile application development outsourced to a third-party, you are in charge of the cost of the project. Since your team is situated remotely, the overhead costs of recruiting, managing and paying varies other benefits apart from compensation are completely eliminated.

More importantly, majority of outsourced projects can be completed well within half of the allotted budget for an on-site project. That is because the demographic difference allows companies to negotiate and even get some amazing resources to work on much lesser compensation than that they would give to a resource working in the same region. The cost-effectiveness aspect of the project is the biggest driver for many companies to focus on outsourcing mobile app development.

Pay for Only the Time Spent on Project

Most of mobile app development projects are agile in nature. From the very start, the project promises to deliver – making it easier for the team to collaborate and achieve results in the agreed time. If you hire resources within your company to work on an app, it is likely that the project would only take a few months to complete while majority of resources are hired for a period of one year at minimum. This means that you would have to provide compensation to team members who may not have any tasks allotted to them once the project ends. Hence you will incur extra cost through in-house mobile development.

The concept of hiring remotely frees you from this commitment where most contracts are drafted to cater to lump sum payment related to their services only. Any additional costs are not covered which makes the hiring company exempt from any other charges.

Less Stress and More Output

As the hired resources are liable to provide the product/deliverable within the agreed time-frame, the company is away from the stressful dynamics of project management. Although someone within the company may be overseeing some general project meetings or ensuring that timelines are being met. But that person would not be micromanaging or supervising in the clear context of the word. You could have more visibility of the project by creating an online dashboard with milestones that need to be met in the allotted timelines.

However, it is the third-party's sole propriety to ensure that the agreed product is served to the customer without any slippage in the cost, time or scope. Failure to bind by the agreement leads to possible penalties which are to be incurred by the third-party. Therefore, the company is more focused on getting their product and away from the stress, obstacles and worries of the project. It also allows the company to have more control over the remote mobile app development by being in a position of a key decision-maker while the logistics of the project are run by the hired party.

Business Analytics for Higher Consumer Satisfaction

By employing seasoned team of experts, you have a chance of not just capturing but also analyzing customer data for a better manufactured product. This leads to higher chance of success in the market. In current market, it is not only important to create an app but also have an integrated system for capturing and mining data. By outsourcing mobile app development, you may be able to voice out your concern to the remote team who may help you in employing analytics that can serve in gathering important customer feedback. This information if rightly used can be the difference between an app that is either a hit or a miss.


In order to keep up with modern trends, it has become vital for companies to develop and market their apps. With the concept of hiring remote team for mobile app development, the company benefits in numerous ways pertaining to saving of cost and time. It also helps businesses focus on other aspects of app such as its launch, marketing and ways of engaging the customer base through it.

Why take the hassle of driving the project development yourself instead of focusing on business growth? A leading Custom Information Technology Services Company like Techliance can take up the initiative and see you through to the other side. Based on the outsourcing model, Techliance stands proud of providing top-notch website and app development services on various technological platforms. Our team is not just technologically sound but also has expertise in end-to-end communication, Quality Assurance, Project Management and various other aspects of the project.

Outsourcing mobile app development is an efficient way of bringing highly skilled resources to work for you. It delivers a flawless app which paves the way for your success in the online business or app market. Talk to Techliance about your app idea and make it the next big thing. It will help you transform it into reality within your budget and timeline, while ensuring quality. Completing over 400 Software Development projects and mainly focusing on United States market makes Techliance a right choice for your remote mobile application development quest.

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