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Know about Top Android Development Frameworks

Mobile app Development Company chooses the latest framework for the development of a good app. There are many Android app development frameworks available today which has seen generating the working app.

Know about Top Android Development Frameworks

Sunday February 17, 2019,

5 min Read

Every company is rushing towards getting its Android app built for increased user attention. With the launch of thousands of app daily in the market, very few of them are actually thriving and gaining the customer engagement resulting in continuous revenue. Mobile app Development Company chooses the latest framework for the development of a good app. There are many Android app development frameworks available today which has seen generating the working app.

Android App Development

The question arises is, which one is best suited for you. Almost 3 million apps over the Google Play Store make it the king of the app development market. Startups, entrepreneurs, and large businesses are working hard, making strategies to increase their mobile presence, and gaining the large share of the market. The motive of app development framework is to make app development easier and faster. However, not everyone has the expertise to build an app from scratch.

Here are some popular frameworks that help in easing the development while maintaining the optimum quality today professional app must contain to oversize their competitors.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK provides 10 times faster mobile app development which is made possible because the app's backend entirely depends over Lua the multi-paradigm development language with the focus on speed portability and flexibility. Corona software development kit 100% free and works well with Windows, Mac OS. Corona SDK provides the guide tutorials 2 evolve the beginner programmers into seasoned professionals. You can also hire app developer if you do not get enough time to go through the kites and develop your app yourself.


Xamarin offers developers the simple C Sharp code base that they can use to develop any level of native apps. The same developers who created mono, an ECMA standard compliant Dot Net Framework tools, founded the Framework. 1.4 million Developers around the world have already used Xamarin. Visual Studio developer can take benefit of advance tools from Visual Studio including code completion, intellisense, and debugging. Measurement of the cloud enables the error-free app to show the testing over 2000 devices in the cloud instantly. This copes up with the heavy segmentation of Android apps and delivers the error-free code.

Appcelerator Titanium

It is the part of the Appcelerator platform, which includes almost every tool, the mobile developer uses to build, test and deploy the highly optimized apps. The titanium framework calls a vast collection of APIs through JavaScript. These APIs delivers exceptional performance with native look and feel. Titanium makes the develop easily through the visually oriented development process, that relies heavily on assembling the dragging and dropping of the pre-built block of code. Here, the data models can be created visually or programmatically. The mobile life cycle dashboard gives valuable insight into app performance.

The Appbuilder

Appbuilder is one of the most popular tools used for mobile app development services around the world. It has the codeless user interface, which powers the rapid app development. The tool is best used for building the company presentation and other information based apps, where it comes with rebuilt blocks for push notification, feedback, polls, analytics and a lot more. Theappbuilder comes integrated with the Google play store, which enables to publish the finished app with the single click.


PhoneGap is one of the most intuitive Android app development frameworks, which comes from the same team who developed the open source framework, Apache Cordova. The completely open source framework uses HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 for the cross platform app development. The package also contains the capable desktop app that is used to create apps and serve to the connected mobile device. It is free from obscure, hard to remember text commands and you can see the changes instantly over the connected mobile devices. The large plug in the library, third-party tools, and thriving community make PhoneGap recommendable choice for android app development services.

Dojo Mobile

It is an HTML5 framework, which renders widgets for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. If you hire an app developer, Dojo Mobile could be his preferred choice of development with the web-kit based browsers like IE10, Safari, and chrome.

With fewer dependencies, the framework is ideal for lightweight app development.

Jquery Mobile

His framework was developed to create the framework, which gels well with the myriad of devices. The tool powers the development of theme-based applications for Android, iOS, and Symbian operating systems and there is a minimal learning curve for the developers who are familiar with the jQuery syntax.


The above list is not complete though, but still contains the best frameworks used by the mobile app development company. These tools are framed to ease out the learning curve and speed up the development process, but still, if you are professionally into the android app development services, it is recommended to hire smart developers. It is always convenient to shift from one framework to others if you feel the other one more flexible and powerful for you. The purpose is just to convert the idea into a working app and working app into the polished product.