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Know the Effective Ways to Recover Data from a Crashed Computer System

Computers and hard drives are very serious devices and they can crash without any prior warning. Therefore, whenever you are in such a critical state, data recovery is the only option for dealing with this situation.

Know the Effective Ways to Recover Data from a Crashed Computer System

Friday July 26, 2019,

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Computers and hard drives are very sensitive devices and it can crash without giving any prior warnings. So, whenever you come across such a critical condition, data recovery is the only option to deal with this situation. But, in order to ensure that you are able to recover data from a crashed computer system with greater accuracy, you need to apply the correct steps. In case, you are not a tech-savvy person, take help from Computer Data Recovery Dubai professionals. Otherwise, follow the step-wise instructions from experts for data recovery even if the computer or hard disk has crashed. 

Reasons Behind System Crash that can be Resolved Using Data Recovery

When your hard drive or system crashes or shows signs of critical malfunctions, this is when you consider recovering the data. According to the experts from Computer Data Recovery Dubai, it is the best to create a backup to avoid loss of data. However, if the backing up of data doesn’t happen in time, you can still follow some guidelines to recover the data. But, before that, you should be aware of the main causes of devices to crash down. 

  1. One of the most common issues that can be an infection from a possible malware or virus attack on your system. Yes, if your device has some kind of infected or corrupted files, it can force the system to crash. 
  2. Any kind of power outage or electrical storm can also alter certain properties of PC’s hardware. If not treated properly from the technicians, this can lead to damage in the hard drive.
  3. If you have disassembled your computer or made any kind of software or hardware changes, the device can crash any time. Accidental drops can also trigger the process of a hard drive failure or make the files corrupted.
  4. Spilling on liquid or grease substance on keyboard or computer’s circuitry can also result in crashes. 
  5. In case, you have accidentally erased any system file or formatted the drive, it can force the computer to crash unexpectedly. 

What are the Methods to Recover Data from a Crashed Computer System?

So, all these reasons are enough to understand why the system can crash and it affects the data. Hence, to resolve this issue and retrieve the affected files, you can make use of data recovery tool or contact a Computer Data Recovery Dubai support team. 

Method 1- Use Startup Repair 

First, try to find out whether you can repair the corrupted files before applying any recovering tool. So, if you are experiencing the issue of system crash following an illegal shutdown, make sure the startup is proper. 

In case, you notice the screen of ‘Windows Error Recovery’ on your computer, click on ‘Start Windows Normally’. Now, wait until your PC starts completely and see if the crash error persists. If your system is crashed due to corrupted files, you need to choose the option of ‘Launch Startup Repair (recommended)’. 

After repairing the files, hopefully, you will be able to recover the data from the internal hard disk. If not, try to apply the steps to perform system restore.

Method 2- Apply System Restore

When your system can’t overcome crashes by starting Windows normally or by repairing the startup, try to restore your computer. Hence, hit the tab of ‘F8’ as soon as you observe the Windows logo after starting the PC.

If your screen displays the page of ‘Advanced Boot Options’, click on ‘Repair your computer’ button and hit the ‘Enter’ key. Now, choose a keyboard input method and press the ‘Next’ button. Then, type your username as well as password to access your system as Admin and click on the ‘OK’ option. 

On the ‘System Recovery Options’ window, find the icon for ‘System Restore’ and follow on-screen guidance. Hopefully, when you restart your system after shutting it down, it will allow recovering the data without crashing. 


In case, the built-in resources in Windows can’t fix the system crash, recovering the data can be a tricky situation. Since you can access the files stored on your computer without troubleshooting the crash issue. Hence, it can require a recovery disc or software to recover the data from a crashed computer. If you want to know more about the issues and fixes for system crashes, you can get in touch with experts at Computer Data Recovery Dubai. Moreover, they can suggest step by step solution to recover data when the system crash can’t be fixed with these methods.