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Top 10 Best Preferred Mobile App Development Companies of 2019

Top 10 Best Preferred Mobile App Development Companies of 2019

Tuesday August 13, 2019,

6 min Read

Top 10 Best Preferred Mobile App Development Companies of 2019

In this ever so tech-savvy world, the one thing all that the tech companies are looking for is to make an app that pleases its users in the best possible manner. We understand how difficult it might get for businesses to look for an excellent mobile app development company in this saturated tech market. Such a flooded market can easily confuse all the interested entrepreneurs. Just imagine the scenario like this: you are looking to find a good Mobile App Development Company, you type your query on the search engine, and your screen pops an endless list of results on the web page, confusing you even further! So, choosing the right enterprise can surely get daunting. So to keep you out of this massive confusion, we have enlisted below the top 10 mobile app development companies of 2019 that can help you craft the best mobile app for your business needs:

1.      Brainvire Infotech INC.

Brainvire is a top-notch IT company that offers excellent mobile app development services to its clients. Armed with a team of high-tech, trained professionals, Brainvire is what you need onboard if you wish to deliver a mobile app that users will simply fall in love with. To satisfy its client base over their contenders, the team of professionals at Brainvire consists of technical experts, inclusive of passionate engineers and creative designers, who can come up with the best in class mobile applications. With an unblemished record of timely delivery of projects and excellent services, Brainvire Infotech INC is a powerful and agile app development company that you can undoubtedly rely on for the completion of your project.

2.      Consagous Technologies

A leading app development company in the market, Consagous Technologies delivers expert app development services concerning devices such as iPhone, Hybrid, Windows App development, as well as Android. With over a decade of solid experience, the company has successfully delivered an impeccable mobile app solution with a client scale that is scattered across the globe. Additionally, the company has also had a seamless record of delivering timely projects and services to its valued customers.

3.      IndiaNIC

One of the leading Android app development companies based in India, IndiaNIC is a flourishing IT company that provides technology and digital marketing services to all kinds of business enterprises, be it small or large. The company has made a reputable name for itself by delivering business apps for leading Android devices. Ever since its establishment in the year 1997, the company today boasts a deliverance of over 8000 projects catering to the different segments of the industry.

4.      OpenXcell

If you are looking to rope in a software and mobile app development company for your business, then OpenXcell is available at your service. From delivering innovative solutions to developing futuristic mobile apps, the company is renowned for building outstanding and prize-winning app design strategies that can help you in garnering an active user base in this highly competitive market. The company also assists businesses in building modified, creative, and resourceful apps, which will be downloaded by thousands of users.  

5.      Cubix

Have a client base that has a flair for online gaming apps? Then Cubix is your ultimate answer. The company holds expertise in app development, customization, business intelligence analytics, mobile

solutions, and many more. Ever since its conception eight years ago, Cubix has successfully catered to a variety of clients, ranging from large enterprises, startups, medium sized organizations, as well as individuals. A multi million dollar app development company, Cubix’ work speaks for itself as the company is on a constant lookout to improve and master the industry progression of technical advances.

6.      Swenson He

Founded in the year 2014, Swensen He is renowned for developing impactful and high value mobile app solutions built with seamless execution and design. Founded by two MIT alumni, named Nick Swensen and Chao He, the company leaves no stone unturned in building robust and distinctive mobile phone applications. Additionally, the organization also offers full service plans that begin right from the conception to the completion of the project from scratch. Further, the company is always on its toes to learning cutting edge technologies, constantly looking at ways in which an app can perform to the best of its capacity.

7.      Algoworks

Established in the year 2006, Algoworks is an award winning mobile app development company based in India. Experienced in serving a variety of business backgrounds, the team of Algoworks has worked

with some of the most prominent Fortune 500 companies in the world. Headed by a group of skilled and expert developers, the company incorporates an agile method, prompting quick responses, design, development, alteration, and various other app related tasks. Apart from employing the latest app development strategies and tools, Algoworks also offers expert reviews on customization, integration, and support services on the newest tech trends.

8.      Promatics Technologies

The services of Promatics Technologies, ever since its establishment, have set their foot down to cater to the needs of a continually evolving digital world. The company harbors trained professionals, who assist clients in delivering top notch web and mobile applications that are responsible for leading today’s business needs. Furthermore, the enterprise consists of a full fledged design oriented team that has helped various companies of the world build award winning web applications for their customers. The company also specializes in designing, crafting, branding, and marketing mobile apps for all the concerned platforms.

9.      DockYard, Inc

A digital marketing agency that offers excellent customized software and mobile app development services, DockYard, Inc offers outstanding facilities in user experience, strategizing, full stack engineering, design, and so much more. With the help of the skilled staff from DockYard, Inc, companies can transform the high quality and complex ideas into par excellence, functional apps. Other than this, the company also offers services such as project management, training, support, design, UX, architecture, and much more.

10.  Zco Corporation

One of the best and most unique mobile app development companies in the United States, Zco Corporation offers clients a complete array of mobile app development solutions such as enterprise software, 3D animation, games, custom mobile apps and more. Be it a startup to a giant corporate firm, Zco Corporation has excelled in providing best in class solutions and services to its valued client base.

Now that you have this list of the top 10 mobile app development companies right here, it is essential to keep your requirements, budget, and specifications in mind. Keeping a good track of these fundamental criteria, you can easily pick any of the above mentioned app development companies to best suit your needs.