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Latest iOS Development Trends You Must Watch Out for in 2019

Latest iOS Development Trends You Must Watch Out for in 2019

Friday July 12, 2019,

6 min Read

iOS Development Trends

Today, mobile applications have occupied an essential place in our lives. Through technological advancements, almost everyone is completing processes online. This reason explains the importance of developing new and more convenient technologies so that they can fit with today's use. Thinking about development trends, they always go extremely fast. This is why iOS app developers are always on the run to ensure they create highly requested products that meet the demands of their users. In the iOS industry, 2019, has been a year of innovation and improvements in the bid of creating opportunities in our everyday life. It is in this case that we present some of those latest iOS development trends you must watch out for in 2019.

Augmented Reality

Ask any dedicated iOS developer out there, and they will confirm to you that app development currently involves integrating AR with virtual reality. It is through this that a new file format USDZ was created to be part of iOS development. It is through this development that developers are now able to create and share augmented reality and 3D content through a single file format. On the other hand, through Augmented Reality brands are now able to create personalized shopping experiences for their consumers.

More to this, the introduction of the ARKit 2 has been very beneficial in helping improve the rendering of elements in the augmented reality. This change has helped a lot in helping bring a new context element for the AR experiments. The new layer makes it possible to detect objects in 3D by helping maintain aspects out of the field and measure the size of the real world objects. Being the latest trend in iOS, it is viewed to have set an excellent path to other better developments in the future.

Application of Artificial intelligence

For smart voice assistance, Siri is the most used today. With the launch of iOS 12, it is now offering integration to another level by allowing third-party iOS apps. This trend has been an important one to help trigger specific functions quickly and easily. Through it, it is now possible to complete the transaction efficiently through voice instructions from the user. Despite it being a recent development, auctioning has already been done to plug the functionality that has been missing in the platforms.

Machine learning

This is an exceptional trend that was introduced through technologies such as natural language processing and AI game development. This is the newest introduced strategy that will help produce hardware products. The trend has been proven to be very useful due to its high performance, feature rich, and increased response rate. More to this, it helps allow developers to reduce 75 percent of trained machine learning models sizes.

The best thing with this trend is it works perfectly even in neutral engine facilities. There are also plans to include a neutral engine, which is an app that will help accelerate the ML functionalities for future devices. More to this, it will also allow third-party developers to complete functionalities for future devices faster and easier. It is through these developments that machine learning will continue being overrated and in the list of iOS trends in 2019.

Enhanced security with ATS

Another thing with the iOS application development agency is the enhanced security with ATS that helps guarantee the utmost protection of data for end users. For improved web traffic, the company has teamed up with Microsoft, Mozilla, and google a step that has also helped in improving efficiency in their functions. App development has been made more secure with App transport security by adding transport layer security (TLS). This promising imperative has been vital in helping stop hackers from carrying out cyber-attacks. The best thing with the ATS is every release is becoming more and more robust to the extent that it is prospected to be the compliance policy for iOS app development by 2020.

The development of this innovation was pushed by the demand for an app that can be in a position to fit the modern web. Unlike the previously security measures, ATS allows integration of apps with passwords that have autofill options. More to this, it has been built to incorporate cache and cookie data between app and browsers. This step has aided a lot to ensure users enjoy every single experience they have with the development process. With the advanced features, it has been proven to be the only solution that will help reduce hustles for adding more security add-ons like it was in the past.


This is the most preferred language for iOS development services. It also makes in the list of the top versions that have recently been released following its release in April 2019. Through this new trend, it is believed it will help bring a lot of stability in the application binary interface. Through this, it will be possible for app development teams to embed the swift libraries on the run time basis. Far from the stability, it will help bring; it will also be in a position to reduce the app size significantly. This will help achieve a couple of demands in the app development sector, including maintenance of Unicode correctness, more straightforward string implementation, archiving, and serialization. It is through these overrated benefits that Swift5 will continue being among the top rated iOS app trends in 2019.

One evident thing with the trends mentioned above is that mobile applications in 2019 need to overcome the challenge of communication and exchanging information seamlessly with connected objects. It is, in this case, the high time that businesses and companies should look forward to updating their apps with the latest mobile development technologies. It is through the recent trends that they can today be in a position to build apps and interfaces with a uniquely user-friendly experience.


In a nutshell, with the vast trends out there in the market, companies have no other choice rather than working towards improving their customer experience and boosting their ROI with the latest trends. Thanks to these latest trends since they address all the demands for companies, including advanced security and innovation across all of the iOS platforms. This explains why you should look forward to hire iOS app developers.