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iOS Mobile App Development Trends That Matter in 2020

iOS Mobile App Development Trends That Matter in 2020

Monday May 11, 2020,

7 min Read

With time and following trends, technology has always brought something new. And to get all the benefits from what’s new we all must need to stay updated. 

However, while speaking of technology the one thing that strikes us is mobile phones and mobile applications. If we talk about iOS mobile app development everybody is well aware of the name and fame of iOS devices. There are more than 4 million iOS mobile apps you’ll find available. 

Technology no doubt carries the potential to amaze you with different types of innovations that are being done or are in the process of taking some shapes. Because of the advancements in the mobile app industry, various other sectors have experienced an enhanced and positive change. 

With the constant growth of technology iOS developers with the right knowledge, skill set, experience, and who are updated with the iOS mobile app development trends are always in demand. To make constant progress in the iOS mobile app development iOS companies and programmers need to be aware of all the latest trends. 

So if you’re looking to hire an iOS developer or you are an iOS developer you should have awareness of the latest iOS application development trends. 

iOS Mobile App Development Trends 2020

With the following mobile technology trends of iOS app development, let's take a look at some of the best iOS app development trends of 2020, which the iOS developers or aspirant iOS app owners need to follow

Check out the list of best iOS mobile app development trends of 2020

Integration of AR and VR

AR and VR are two high tech arenas that have already made their way in the world of gaming and videos. It is one of the IoT mobile app development trends which showcase the power of innovation and reality experience. Various brands and top companies have already started utilizing the features of AR and VR with iOS mobile app development to make economies of scale. 

With its advanced working and features, it is believed that the filed of AR and VR based ideas would be fully functional in the iOS mobile application. And iOS mobile app development will rise with the new horizon of the virtual world.

Utilizing AR and VR technology iOS developers will now be able to try their hands on building real-time applications. Because of Apple’s ArKit building of standalone AR integrated iOS applications have gained immense momentum. Hence it is likely to say 2020 will bring a brighter future for AR and VR technology. 

Machine Learning 

Core Machine Learning (CoreML) launched by Apple, used for making smart apps across various Apple devices has gained tremendous response from users. For example, the Siri that you play with, the camera you use for taking pictures, and QuickType are highly responsible and integrated CoreML applications. 

iOS mobile apps when integrated with the framework of CoreML gets the power of Machine Learning. With the coming development, you may see CoreML becoming the default option for custom iOS app location development. The software will benefit the users to allow advanced programming. 

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Internet of Things

IoT is one of the most significant iOS development trends as it has offered lots of technology changes to routine tasks. From Apple Watch to television IoT has found its way in various ways. You can see the presence of IoT in doorbells, lights, security systems, refrigerators, and various other appliances. Internet connectivity is becoming the best option to help users in controlling the systems from any place and time. 

Using IoT industries like logistics, agriculture, and healthcare can easily benefit by integrating with iOS applications. By embracing iOS apps with IoT technology users will be able to control anything remotely using the apps. 

For example, you can use your iOS app to know the amount the food left in your refrigerator, apps like Triton Sponge can tell you how much blood a patient has lost. It has also brought the trend of wearable. iOS applications powered by IoT helps you connect fitness trackers and smartwatches to smartphones. Collecting your health data, it variously helps a person to stay fit. 

Apple HomeKit

Apple’s HomeKit offers its users an exceptional range of benefits. The HomeKit helps users communicate as well as control the connected devices and accessories in the home using the app. It helps users control the connected devices to give them an option to create a group to trigger Siri’s voice command. 

Complimenting it, many companies are working to create smart home products that could be integrated into such devices. This innovative offering helps developers in creating products as well as apps that can be connected to Apple HomeKit for ease of use. It will help in bringing revolutionary changes in home automation and the elements of IoT will grow simultaneously with these innovations. 

Cloud Integrated iOS Apps

Cloud technology presents an ample amount of opportunities in iOS mobile app development. Because it is one of the most reliable data storage systems it allows the companies to store huge amounts of data. Cloud-based systems operate directly from the cloud and are much safer, quick, and smooth. Improving productivity and mobile app communication, cloud integration helps both the consumers and app developers. 

In the coming time, you will see this trend flourishing more in the market. 

Improved App Security

The aspect of security is one of the most common and also the most important in iOS mobile development trends. To maintain the privacy of the user, security is a crucial thing to maintain. Since Apple is known for its privacy policies security should be considered first in iOS mobile app development. 

Therefore while developing an app the aspect of security should be looked at in the initial phase. Other than that the app should protect the users’ data without comprising the performance. After the release of iOS 13, app developers will have more chances to improve security features. However, the developer can also add AppTransportSecurity to enhance overall security. 

Swift 5 Programming Language

With the launch of Swift 5, iOS mobile app development has reached a new height. Apple has released it with stable Application Binary Interface (ABI) and binary compatibility. In addition to ABI, Swift has introduced raw strings, future enum cases, a result type, checking for integer multiples, and a lot more. iOS mobile app development with Swift can produce the best of its abilities for optimal business impact. 

Swift libraries will be incorporated into every future macOS, iOS, Wearables OS, TVOS devices. It is source compatible with Swift 4, Swift 4.1and Swift 4.2 as well as with X code10.2. Swift 5 has a code migration that is designed to handle the necessary source changes automatically. One of the significant advantages this software offers is that it is highly compatible with Linux.

Therefore for Swift 5 while designing apps, it becomes easy for the developers to increase their knowledge base. 

To Sum Up 

With so much happening in the iOS mobile app development trend, developers should consider what’s going on in the app market. With all the discussed elements any app can be improved to a considerable extent. Hence, it is advised to iOS app developers to consider these features in the iOS mobile app development. 

With the above-given solutions iOS mobile app development trends in 2020 will take the developer’s services to higher levels. Therefore be sure to check out the trends that suit best for your business.