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Latest Mobile UI/UX Trends and Practices that Will Dominate in 2019

Latest Mobile UI/UX Trends and Practices that Will Dominate in 2019

Tuesday April 09, 2019,

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Every blog nowadays talks about the importance of mobile app. People prefer to book, shop, order things on the go, the driving force behind all the mobile apps. Instead of talking about the importance, now is the time to explore how to enhance the user experience of your mobile app to get maximum conversion.

In case you’ve been following mobile UX trends in the past, then you are in the right direction and have a good, customer satisfying app. But that’s the thing about customer needs and expectations, they keep  they keep evolving and changing. In 2019 we have to focus on finding the perfect UX to get maximum conversion.

2018 was a year of new technologies for the convenience of users. Technologies and trends like VR, AI, personalization etc. have provided huge amount of success as they provide comfort to users, thus providing better conversion. The following are the mobile UX trends which businesses with mobile apps must follow in the coming year:

Content Based Experience

Why do users download an app?? Think about it. Users download an app just for the content provided by the business. Before you start content planning and analysis for your app, the first step is to understand users’ requirement from the app. Business owners, before thinking about marketing, should first invest their time in understanding their target audience.

Along with this, there are few rules which business should follow to provide optimal user experience.

As the content is on mobile device, businesses should focus on providing minimal content. Remove all useless content and keep content which will be informational to the user. As it is, people do not prefer to read long content, especially on their mobile devices.

Design is the main element of a mobile app. It gives the users the purpose to move to more important sections of the app. The look and user experience mostly depends on the design, so make sure that every design aspect of your app is put in for some purpose.

In the image below, CCD has portrayed important information on the homepage of the app, just the content that the users would need as they open the app. This helps in providing content based experience.

User Friendly – Time Saving Design

Consider this fact before developing an app for your business: People usually use apps to ease their complicated life. Why would they want to download an app which complicates the process even more? The main USP of your app should be to solve their problem quickly, so they come back willingly to use the service again. When it comes to designing a useful tool for your audience, you have to make sure the app is user friendly.

Once your customer uninstalls the app from their mobile device due to color, content overflow, confused navigation or flow, etc., it is next to impossible get them back to your app. There are many examples where businesses have designed their app for users and save the time of the users.

The following image shows how Netflix on its homepage shows all the videos which the user is currently watching, the ones they have kept in list, and suggested videos for the user. So with one click the user can watch their series without any hassle.

Smarter Personalization

2019 is the year of providing personalization to the customers. It is nearly impossible to mention customer experience without including personalization in the context. Moreover, providing personalization to the loyal customers is a bonus, and the future belongs to intuitive interface.

But the question is how to personalize? Explaining in short, gather maximum information regarding users’ shopping behavior and demographics. This will make it easy to send messages which are personalized for each user.

Another way to personalize UX is to offer users an interface specially created according to their needs. Analyze the profile created on the app and use it for your own advantage. This will help you transform how users interact with your app.

Starbucks app releases special offers for a person depending on the previous orders. Check the image below.

Biometric Authentication

With innovative gadgets taking up space in user’s life, voice recognition, finger print sensor and/or facial recognition will have a bigger impact this year. It has become easier for customers to interact with an app by using these gestures. These authentication technologies are not only more convenient than manual input but also more secure.

People find it incredibly easy to access an app when you just bring the mobile phone close to your body and it automatically detects you. You should be thorough regarding the human interface guidelines to make sure you use the best practice for your app.

Mobile banking has become popular for a long time now, and security used to be its major shortcoming. But now, banking apps are providing biometric authentication which will help in login and easily access of the app.

Video Content

We have given ample information regarding video content being the king of content right now in our blogs. The video content will continue to grow in the coming time.

Whether it is for the app home or marketing purposes, video content is the way to go as it creates a human connection with the person on the other side of the phone.

The number of videos brands are making, you need to follow some set of rules to reach user’s expectations.

Rule 1: Keep the video length short. People do not have the time to wait and understand the intent of your video.

Rule 2: Always make high quality videos.

Rule 3: Vertical orientation as people do not prefer to rotate their device to watch the video.


There are some trends that revolve around the way users interact with the app while other trends help bring focus to the product. The mobile world is growing and people are eagerly adapting to new trends to provide best user experience. Also, to remain in the fierce competition you need to stay updated with the latest mobile UX trends.

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