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Launch your own ICO token sale platform

Launch your own ICO token sale platform

Thursday February 21, 2019,

7 min Read

In this modern digital currency era, crowd funding has become so much popular than ever before and it is made possible only through blockchain technology and smart investments. It is basically the implementation of funding a project by raising some small amounts from a large group of people, via the Internet.

It is essentially a piece of code actually running on a blockchain and ethereum contract.

So, are you looking to launch your own ICO token sale platform? And wondering whether it will fulfill your business demands or not. If this is the case and is bothering you then you are definitely in a right place. If you really want to make your ICO website then, maybe you have heard about ECHYIP.


Let me tell you something about what ECHYIP offers!


ECHYIP provides you ICO script which is much more responsive and highly secured for your upcoming crypto-currency business.


ECHYIP offers you the robust platform for Mining, Exchange, Doubler and ICO Website Crypto Scripts without compromising in performance.


Before moving further let’s talk about why ECHYIP is so popular nowadays!


ECHYIP is the leading Bitcoin and Crypto-currency Investment script supplier, who will enable you to create your own powerful Crypto-currency business platform. It will collects and manages the relevant information of investors and provides you with the powerful script according to their business necessities. It offers you with best lowest price and comfort features, along with performance and security.


With that in hand, they also provide a friendly customer support service with great business solutions. They maintain a relationship with their customers and move your business to a competitive edge with their high-end features. They provide solutions for ECHYIP script, including website templates, responsive design for mobiles and tablets with various database solutions while optimizing your entire website SEO friendly, for enabling you to get higher ranking in google search engine. They have skilled and experienced experts out there to fulfill the client’s requirements precisely.

ICOs are now admired by many peoples to fund crypto-currency projects. It is generally an event in which a new crypto-currency project sells half part of its crypto-currency tokens to the crypto follower in exchange for the money. ICOs provide a unique way for the crypto-currency developer to raise some money for their operations. Most ICOs raise money in the form of Bitcoin or other popular crypto-currencies out there.

What exactly is an ECHYIP ICO Script?


ECHYIP presents you the most powerful ICO Script that will enable you to successfully run an ICO setup within a few clicks. The script is completely customized so that you can add any extra feature in it at any time. With their ICO script, you can easily manage your token sale. Their technical professionals are always ready to install the script for you at free of cost.


ECHYIP ICO script is a highly secure and user-friendly way to start your own ICO token sale platform. Now, you can launch your own ICO website instantly without any much knowledge of coding. Their script is based on ERC 20 and ERC 721 Token technology where you can manage and store your ICO token sale very easily. ECHYIP ICO software provides you with multiple Payment methods like Paypal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. These all are integrated into their ICO script by default. Their ICO script comes with a responsive web design that gives you an interactive look to your website.


This will be your one-stop solution for crypto businesses for creating an impressive crypto-currency website.


Why Choose ECHYIP Scripts?


They are making huge improvements in making their script more stable and user-friendly for their customers from all over the world. With their Script, your website will look perfect in any device resolutions including Mobiles phones, Tablets, and the Desktop-size monitor. It will enhance your website with a sleek and interactive look.


Using ECHYIP Scripts, you can broadcast your sleek looking featured website instantly without any errors. You can have your entire website ready in a couple of minutes. There are no hectic in changing and editing the codes and is updated instantly on the entire sites.


Their scripts are entirely bugs free and are safe & secure against the intruders and hackers. Their developers are skilled enough to make the internal codes robust while taking care of a client’s priority. You can edit, develop and take control of your entire website within a few clicks.


Their scripts are so flexible that you can customize the scripts according to your business needs and there will be no compromise in performance. Any changes you will make during editing are getting updated instantly across all your sites.

ECHYIP ICO SCRIPT Features [At a Glance]

Managing of token sale with ease with their ICO setup.

Set up an unlimited time slot for ICO Token distribution.

Providing maximum reliability and security of payment acceptance on their website.

Enabling of Google Captcha for verification while stopping brute force scripts from hacking passwords ultimately providing higher security.

Easily view the statistics of token sales and funds raised on site from the dedicated admin panel dashboard.

Providing unlimited referral plans with the Multi-level referral program for all investors.

Instant payments without having to wait for approval.

Embedding of Google Analytics.


Unique Traits of ECHYIP ICO Script?


Their code is so light-weighted and is optimized for both mobiles and desktop PC so that no one can stay around for so long enough to see it. Their scripts are packed with robust high-performance codes which load at rustle speeds with providing zero latency while browsing.


You don't need to worry about mobile resolutions their script is highly optimized for all different resolutions.


Your website will look perfect in all device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and the desktop size monitor. So that, your visitors can enjoys the layout of your site while keeping care of responsiveness.


Now with the help of modern technology they have embedded the codes using the latest tools, including Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc.


Their codes are very light-weighted and well optimized for your site so that no one can stay around for long enough to see it and yeah their script load at blazing fast speed.




Are you looking for some additional modules in the EC HYIP crypto scripts? If yes, so please feel free to contact their support team. They’ll help you to add custom modules include chat, ticket system, forum, advanced affiliate tracking system.


ECHYIP Dedicated Multi-Channel Support [At a Glance]


•       Their professionals will guide you with free installation within 24 hours of placing an order.

•       Their support level is available 24/7 on their Website including Skype, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

With so much popularity of ECHYIP, they had received a lot of client’s requests about developing a robust, powerful and easy to execute the script that can help network marketers and anyone who is looking to raise their funds through crypto currency.

Now, start building your own HYIP website with mobile friendly responsive design with much Powerful and Secure ECHYIP Script.


Their support team is dedicated to assisting clients with redundant 24/7 customer support in order to get effective results from the product or service. It also helps you in regarding any software queries while keeping you in comfort level.


If you have any further questions or feedback please contact with their team members at:

[email protected]