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Launching a taxi/bus app for the travel & tourism industry

According to recent statistics, the travel industry contributes about 8.2 trillion US dollars in revenue globally. The total number of international tourist arrivals all across the world stands at a staggering 1.3 billion. Its a better startup idea to create taxi/bus app for this industry.

Launching a taxi/bus app for the travel & tourism industry

Friday July 19, 2019,

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App for Travel Industry

The convergence of globally available information, the affordability of accommodation and transport, and above everything, the relentless curiosity of people to explore new things has made travel a mainstream hobby.

Although travel has become more frequent and widespread these days than done before, people do not want to compromise on the comfort that they experience. At the same time, they would also like to feel like a local exploring the place.

One of the areas where travelers fall short in exploring the place like locals is the local knowledge. The local knowledge not only constitutes information about places of interest but also about shopping, food and internal travel. 

There are a lot of applications related to travel that have sprung up in the market. Some of them give travel packages and international transportation solutions. Some of them provide local information that is not quite exclusive but rather universally available. There are also applications that can help you book cabs but request you to specify the destination. 

This gives a gap in the experience of travel. Proportionally, this also has created an opportunity to explore the business of a dedicated cab application for travelers.

The Statistical Awesomeness

Statista, the world-renowned survey and data company has stated that travel contributes about 8.2 trillion US dollars in revenue globally. The total number of international tourist arrivals all across the world stands at a staggering 1.3 billion. That accounts to about a seventh of the world population.

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The Relevance of Cabs for Travel

One of the most important requirements for tourists is comfort... right from boarding a flight in their home country to arriving at the destination. The trouble starts when they alight at the airport! The immigration, the language, and the lack of local knowledge affect the ways in which the tour could be enjoyed. 

Not much can be done about the immigration formalities and the fact that the local language is different. However, a cab application exclusive for travelers can help in making the local experience better until the completion of the tour.

Essential Features of a Travel Cab App

Any cab application should have the features like requesting a cab for a location, powered by GPS. It should also feature payment options, history of rides, and rating systems. For ex, the Uber clone apps in the market are perfectly built with essential features and business model. These apps can be customized to create a perfect cab app for travel and tourism industry.

In addition to this, a cab application for travelers should feature the following aspects:

Capacity to book a cab by availability - while every cab service falls into this, the travel cab application should have an option for the cab to be booked for the entire duration of the tour subject to the availability of the driver.

Choosing the driver by known language - language is perhaps one of the most obvious factors that make you feel alienated when you are on a tour. If the driver can understand your language and act as a bridge between you and the locals, it is going to make the experience of your travel better. If the driver also has knowledge about the local attractions, it is an added advantage.

Remote booking - imagine how delightful it would be if you were to arrive at an airport and a driver who knows the local language and the local spots of interest waits to pick you up! This would be possible if you had an option to book a cab right before your start.

A complex rating system - the number of parameters involved in the rating system should be increased for travel cabs. It should be subjective more than objective where the users belonging to one particular country or travel pattern can rate the drivers.

The Technology That Goes Behind 

A lot has been talked about the technologies that govern any cab application. There should be a GPS-enabled driver and passenger tracking system. In addition to this, there is a separate app for the passenger and one for the driver. To govern the activities and mediate between both, there is an administrative panel.

The way in which a cab application functions is quite straightforward. Upon requesting a cab through the app, the nearest cab is connected to the passenger. Once the driver accepts the trip, the GPS signals of both the driver and passenger are made available to each other. The ride starts and ends, and the payment is processed either through digital or physical cash.

While the backbone remains the same, there are a lot of embellishments that need to be added to a cab travel app.

The Features That Make It Special

The app should have be a feature that will let travelers choose drivers based on the languages known. The app should also have a facility to book the cab before the start of the journey. To enhance this experience, that app can interface with applications that track flight movement and book the cab accordingly. This will help reduce the wait time for both the passenger and the driver.

Additionally, information on local attractions and their timings, and directions on how to book the tickets can also help in enhancing the experience of the app.


The business of cab booking apps has already tasted and established the possibilities of success. Parallel to this, the market for global travel is also increasing.

Combining these two huge markets will result in absolute business success. AppDupe provides the Uber like app development services to develop a complete and robust cab booking application for travelers. 

Our team of expert developers ensures that your travel taxi application complies with the best practices and sports an impeccable and intuitive user interface. Drop in your inquiry with us and you can see your taxi app go places, literally!