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What Can You Learn From a Burger About Digital Marketing?

What Can You Learn From a Burger About Digital Marketing?

Thursday August 27, 2020,

3 min Read

Burger is not only one of the best comfort food but also has much to teach if you have openness to learn! It is probably best that you read this blog while having a burger so that not only can you instantly learn but also have less focus on the craving of indulging in your favourite burger. Last time when we, YRSK Marketing team were out on a team lunch, I had an Einstein moment and gained key insights into marketing from my favourite paneer tikka burger. Having implemented some of these for yourselves and for our clients, we felt to share them with everyone who can benefit from it. So, let's dig in (pun totally intended):

Focus on quality first: 

Burger that tastes good gets more customers than the one that looks good. Ads and creatives posts can attract the customer, but if you are selling a bad or low-quality product or service, then you would definitely lose them. Hence, ensure that you deliver the quality that you promise. 

Try different things:

Don't be afraid of experiments or we won't have had a paneer tikka burger! The inventor of a burger would have never imagined that an Indian paneer tikka will bring a revolution. Digital marketing is a very dynamic field and hence, be open to trying new things. Stick to a couple of formulas that have worked but experiment with your communication, creative, contest, etc on each platform. You may just set a benchmark for everyone else to follow. 

Right combination: 

Burger, coke and fries are best friends. So make sure you partner with the right companies for growth. Partnering with like-minded individuals and companies to engage with a wider audience is a key aspect of new-age digital marketing. Choose these partners wisely as they will reflect on your brand identity as well. 

Right Mix:

Mixing correct proportions of sauce, cheese, veggies, etc. brings a unique taste. Similarly, to gain a particular result, it is important to distribute your energies and investment on the right mix of digital marketing channels including- SEO, PPC, social media, programmatic buying, etc. Remember each goal will require a different mix. Just like a vegan customer would not like cheese in his burger, you will need to customize your mix depending on the audience you target each time. 

Repeat what works:

Don't mess with what's working in your digital marketing. It may sound opposite to our 2nd point of trying new things, but it is not. The point of trying new things is to know what word for you and make it part of your ongoing strategy. It doesn't mean that you keep repeating it exactly but more as a framework. Just like we are not going around reinventing a burger as a framework but more improvising it, stick to a framework that works for you. So repeat the framework that works from time to time until it outgrows all the benefits.

Aren't these simple tips delicious and useful? Do you know any other similarity between a burger and digital marketing that we could add here?