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Live Streaming - The Future Of Social Media Platforms

Live Streaming is becoming the future of social media. Know how social media platforms are using the live streaming feature to strengthen their hold in the market.

Live Streaming - The Future Of Social Media Platforms

Thursday July 04, 2019,

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Live streaming services

The world of marketing keeps on evolving while bringing the latest trends in marketing. The most effective and inexpensive marketing technique that has ruled social media since periscope was introduced is known as live streaming. Almost all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have introduced live streaming services in order to generate more revenue and attract more audiences.

In today's scenario, many social media marketers use live streaming services to have real-time interaction with their audience. Live streaming allows viewers to catch the event where ever they are. If you are stuck in a traffic jam or busy on an official trip and tend to miss an event you are willing to attend. You don't need to worry as Live streaming comes to your aid. Live streaming boosts your brand while giving it exposure. Live Streaming is a game changer in the world of social media.

Social media sites like Facebook, as well as Youtube and Instagram, receives an enormous number of clicks and views and has more than 1 billion users worldwide. Every social media platform is introducing a feature of live streaming to strengthen its hold around the globe and to stay ahead in the race.

Live streaming on social media platform

It's a known fact that videos capture the attention of active users in the world quite easily. Videos are fun to watch and connect with audiences emotionally. Live streaming is accessible with smartphones which makes it easier for viewers to come online when you are live.

A remarkable growth in live streaming popularity:

Live streams attract higher traffic than any other marketing technique. The videos in live streams are not edited and contain more authenticity. The brand position can't be altered in live streams which results in increasing brand loyalty. A survey reports that a remarkable increase in the percentage of live streams viewers have been noticed since 2016. Live streaming has removed the barrier of editing the video before publishing it. A sudden rise in the usage of live streaming services has taken all over social media with no time.

Social Media Platforms Providing Live Webcasting Solutions:

1. Facebook Live:

Facebook live streaming

Facebook is the most loved and popular social media platform used across the globe. In order to stay ahead in the digital race, facebook has introduced its new feature facebook live.

Facebook live streaming services allow you to generate higher traffic and have real-time conversations with your audience. The platform helps in generating more revenue.

Facebook has introduced the "GO LIVE" button which is easily accessible and easy to use when you want to stream your video live. Facebook live has introduced all the best features in its live-streaming services to attract more audiences and bring them together in a single place.

The leading social media platform has experienced a rise and it can be beneficial for your brand. The growing statistics say Facebook Live will become bigger and better with time.

2. Youtube Live:

Youtube live streaming

Youtube is a well-known app to watch videos. A majority of online users use Youtube to watch any kind of video, bringing millions of users under a single umbrella. Youtube live streaming services allow companies to generate more videos. It is easy to publish a video on Youtube.

Youtube stays in the league of top live streaming platforms. It is the second-largest social media website that is often used for marketing. Youtube Live is used by many organizations to expand their business or to give more exposure to the brand.

3. Instagram Live:

Instagram live streaming

Usage of social media app Instagram is on the rapid rise these days. Instagram Live streaming services allows an organization or brand to communicate with their customers while they are active. Instagram has launched its latest feature Instagram Live, which allows you to stream your events live. Videos that are displayed when you are streaming live on Instagram tend to disappear within a time duration of 24 hours creating a sense of urgency amongst viewers.

4. Periscope Live:

Periscope live streaming

As twitter launched Periscope back in 2015 the trend of live streaming comes into play. With the growing time, live streaming has ruled social media marketing and all social media platforms have started adding a new feature of live streaming to strengthen its place. Today, Periscope is the 4th most widely used platform for live streaming. Periscope Live streaming services allows the business to connect with twitter for showcasing their products and generating revenue. Twitter has a huge audience base with more than 330 million active users, giving marketers an opportunity to position their brand while reaching a larger audience base.

5. Google Hangouts:

Google hangout

Many organizations have a meeting that requires information to be shared with a large group of people. To stream live meetings google hangout comes into play. Google has also introduced the feature of live streaming and walks with the latest trends in the market. Live streaming on google hangouts offer the opportunity to invite regular participants for the meeting while allowing you to record the meeting.

Live streaming is on the rise and it is growing with each passing day. Live streaming offers authenticity to its viewers while building brand loyalty. Live streams can be viewed from anywhere at any time as they are mobile-friendly. Live streaming has become the latest marketing technique for marketers as it drives a lot of revenue for business while engaging a larger audience base at the same time. By now we can decode that live streaming is here to stay and is one of the most powerful marketing techniques to promote a business or brand.