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Magento 2 Instagram Integration Extension by Magenest

Magento 2 Instagram Integration Extension by Magenest

Tuesday August 27, 2019,

3 min Read

In recent years, people may check social media to see their friends’ latest pictures of a late vacation, party, or event. Writing something on your relative walls is no more popular than usual due to the complicated of these social networks are. Instagram is easier to use and now attracts more and more users because of its simplicity. Using its only main feature- surfing dedicated pictures with a wide theme may bring many advantages. Magento 2 Instagram can transform your online store into a magnificent gallery.

Is Instagram a good marketing channel?

Since 2018, approximately 60% of site visits were from mobile users with the bounce rate came in at 50% (the good rate is below 60%). Instagram is programmed as a smartphone app, it becomes an effective channel sending messages to customers. 

Furthermore, people tend to use more than 2 social networks and this rate keeps increasing. It means the more your content appears on multi-channels, the more your brand approach potential customers.

Is Instagram a good marketing channel?

This social app actually has an excellent brand engagement rate, even its rate is higher than Facebook and Twitter’s. Big social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have a huge number of users, which means your ads will be harder to approach potential customers. But with Instagram, all your posts are guaranteed to be seen by your followers and nobody can block your posts without unfollowing your page. Besides, content on Instagram is able to be adjusted with creative filters/ colors and added hashtags to focus on targeted viewers. 

The Benefits of Instagram Shop for Magento 2

The most-engaging content on websites is photos and videos. Recent research shows that visual posts can make 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. 

So using this extension, customers can navigate to the Instagram page through your store and interact with more visual contents, increasing your brand reputation and selling opportunities.

Instagram Shop also display featured products alongside with your Instagram photos, each Instagram picture

Integrating Magento 2 Instagram shop helps you pin every single Instagram photo to your online store keeping customers interested in your products/ services.

Benefits of Instagram Shop Magento 2

Furthermore, This extension helps you manage your product easily through the dashboard showing how your photos (with the products) perform. The report shows many useful data such as total clicks, added-to-cart rated, or total conversion rate. 

Let the statistical work to be done by this add-on, then you can save more time and money to other business plans.

Here are some highlight features of Magento 2 Instagram shop

  • Use secured Client ID and Client Secret with native Instagram API to link your account
  • Pull all photos or specific photos using hashtags from your Instagram to your website
  • Manage which photos appear on and which are hidden from your slider and gallery
  • Choose which photos will feature the products you want from Magento backend
  • Display sneak peeks of your products alongside with your Instagram photos
  • The sneak peeks are linked to their corresponding product page on your website
  • Customers can see the full gallery of your Instagram photos on a separate page
  • Engaging Call-to-Actions upon hovering on photos
  • Social Sharing buttons for customers to share your products online
  • Customize your slider to suit your website layout
  • Easy setup and configuration