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How to Make your Windows System Healthy in Quarantine Time

How to Make your Windows System Healthy in Quarantine Time

Sunday April 26, 2020,

5 min Read

During this quarantine, make your every moment useful by maintaining, organizing, and exploring new techniques. We always face windows related problems but we don't have time to resolve it due to our busy schedule. But, due to quarantine, you have got a great opportunity, just grab this chance and maintain your system in an appropriate manner. Every individual is not a tech maniac, so they always lag to maintain the system in a suitable manner. They actually don't know the points which should be paid proper attention. Here we've shared some vital tips that empower your system. 

Top 5 Tips to Make your Windows System Healthy 

 A little preventive aid can heal your system and makes it impeccable. By utilizing some tips you can use the most of your PC. 


Keep your Drivers Updated

Drivers are very basic terms but very crucial to your system. Drivers are solely responsible that can either make your system smart or dull. Outdated drivers can make create many problems for your system such as common failures, a PC running slow, takes time in the loading process, and so on. On the contrary, the latest and updated drivers make your system like a pro always. There is a vast scope of driver updater tools available but only a few tools are trusted and authorized. But, only for help, I suggest you the best free driver updater i.e., ITL Driver Updater, Quick Driver Updater, and Bit Driver Updater. These driver updater tools will updates driver in just a few clicks, and also resolves other windows issues with real-time protection. 


Must have Anti-virus Program

Viruses are such a headache that irritates us by hindering our ongoing actions. It is very necessary to get rid of viruses and other threats as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will make our PC a lethargic system. One thing which we have to pay attention - is visiting sites or browsing. That means when we browse and visit sites then many viruses, threats enter our PC as every website is not a trusted site. Thus, you have to install a good and trusted antivirus software that will guard you against all threats, viruses. Well, in the developing world of tech maniac there are numerous programs available that guards your system against viruses. But some programs are criticized because of having a complicated interface that creates trouble for users to understand the functionality. I suggest you try Avast antivirus - it is a great tool that provides real-time protection, web protection, and USB protection. At the time virus enters your PC, its latest technology automatically blocks them.


Delete all the Junk and Temporary Log Files

Another big fishy thing that causes various errors in our system - junk and temporary files. Junk, log, corrupt files take a huge part of your storage. And all these files reduce the processing speed of your system. By deleting junk files you can speed-up your system's performance and also clean-up disk space. Browsing files are also the biggest reason that reduces your system's effectiveness. These background pop-ups reduce the age of our system and make it sluggish. CCleaner is an ideal solution that deletes all the junks from your system and makes it more reliable. Delete all your junk, corrupt files via CCleaner. 

Erase Duplicate Files

Duplicate files are another big reason that creates various problems like an unorganized media library, takes a lot of space, hang-up your PC, and more. You have to delete duplicate and similar files for the systematic maintenance of the system. You can manually find and remove duplicate files but it takes a lot of time. On the contrary, an automatic cleaner feature will delete all the similar files within a few seconds. For automatic cleaning, you must install a good cleaner software that will erase all your files and clean-up disk storage. Duplicate Photo Finder is a great solution for deleting similar files and also secure your back-up your data for further use.

Defrag Drive

Defragmenting drive is the crucial step that you have to accomplish for quick access to files at least once a week. Defragment manages the framework of files on your hard disk for quicker access. Its procedure encompasses on the hard drive that makes the access of files faster on it. It will enhance the execution of data access on your hard disk. There is no certain rule for de-fragging your drive but make sure to keep a fragment under 5%. And don't forget to set your system to auto-fragment option for reducing the workload. 


The sluggish and unorganized system is a big issue that always lingers our tasks. We always forget to take good care of our PC and when it doesn't work functionally we get frustrated. Now, we need to pay proper consideration to our PC for its healthy functioning. In this write-up, we've above-suggested you the best tips to recover your lethargic system. Hence, by implementing the above approaches you can make your system up to the mark by pushing its limits.