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MEAN Stack Development Guide

MEAN Stack Development Guide

Thursday April 02, 2020,

6 min Read

Introduction to MEAN stack development

MEAN is basically an acronym of the most dynamic JavaScript-based technologies . It includes the dynamic involvement of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. 

The full-stack software bundle over the powerful JavaScript framework helps the developers to build dynamic websites and applications within the shortest time span. 

MEAN stack development

The powerhouse of the targeted platforms is developed using the technology resulting in the development of super fastest and sleekest applications. 

Extremely complex front end and back end applications are efficiently managed using this quality rich technology support with dedicated management features. 

Top MEAN stack development companies specializes in the development of high-performance gaming portals, social networking portals, scalable APIs, e-commerce portals, etc to get in touch with the global reach of the clients. 

In order to provide premium quality services to the clients, the developers employed for MEAN stack development analyzes the business requirements of the clients. 

Formulation of the fruitful technological strategies acts as the next step for being aware of the wide spectrum of the MEAN stack development solutions. 

Components of MEAN stack development: 

·     MongoDB: MongoDB is free software initiated for supporting the development of the applications with open-source cross-platform document-oriented database programs. It is classified as no SQL database eschewing the traditional table-based relational database structure approach. 

A wide spectrum of the development services is managed with the technology including MongoDB consulting, MongoDB implementation, MongoDB integration, architecture strategy, and design, etc to name a few. 

·     ExpressJS: The software has been released as open-source and free software under the MIT license. Dynamic web-based applications and APIs can be constructed using ExpressJS being a web application framework for NodeJS. 

It is used as a server-side framework by the developers for building the RESTful APIs extremely faster and delivering even the most complex projects within the shortest timeframe. Robust sets of features are provided for building desired sets of single and multi-page applications.

·     AngularJS: It is an open-source JavaScript framework maintained proudly by Google. Browser-based single-page applications are augmented in association with model view pattern favoring client-side capability.


HTML directly keeps control over the integrated directives and declarative programming. Scalable apps with unmatched performances are developed in no time.

·     NodeJS: It is one of the most important MEAN stack development components for building high-performance scalable network applications. 

Data-intensive real-time web applications are instantly created using the event-driven nonblocking I/O model. JavaScript code is executed server-side using the cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment.    

Benefits of MEAN stack technology: 

  • MEAN stack development ensures easy switching procedures between client & server.
  • Authorization of isomorphic coding processes allowing frequent code transfers among the available frameworks.
  • Frequent implementation of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) for data interchanging ability on all the available layers. 
  • JSON ensures the no use of available libraries for data conversion processes during a client-side and server-side interaction.
  • Being open-source, MEAN even favors the smart cloud compatibility.
  • It lowers the developmental costs allowing the noticeable use of available libraries and public repositories for free over the web.
  • The code is made completely isomorphic with throughout implementation of the JavaScript codes.
  • Easier to learn with a single language development approach. 

How MEAN stack technology is better than other similar technology :

MEAN stack development is better in comparison to the competitors due to the following reasons:-

  • All along JavaScript support ensures the neat and clean web development processes.
  • The availability of open source components often supports the auto-update features. 
  • Exceptional varieties of JavaScript modules make it easy to develop the applications using the NodeJS component.  
  • One language code implementation in JavaScript for both the client and server sides makes the framework extremely simple and easy to handle.
  • Rewriting and reformatting of the codes are not required due to precise data flow in the JSON layers. 
  • Code transferability from any specific framework to another is comparatively easier than others. 
  • Soon after the development processes of the applications, it can easily be tested over the cloud platform due to unmatched flexibility. 
  • The one and the only requirement for the MEAN stack development company is the availability of skilled JavaScript professionals to develop the applications. Lesser requirements make the applications ultimately cost-effective in comparison to others. 
  • Update processes for the web pages are not required for each server request. Accordingly, it becomes easier to develop real-time applications that are trending.
  • Availability of infinitely available sets of ready to use module libraries for NodeJS saves the precious time of the developers for further developmental processes. 
  • Unlike others, the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture is even favored by MEAN which further allows prior customization as per the necessities along with other sets of features.
  • Unmatched front end and back end developmental capabilities are supported in association with the MEAN stack development


Adding values to the MEAN stack development as a company:

Being associated with the MEAN stack development company, one must be versatile enough in meeting the following sets of criteria for adding the greatest values:-

  • The dedicated focus over the MEAN stack web and API development services.
  • High-end specialization over enterprise MEAN app development.
  • Feature-rich and highest quality e-commerce based developmental strategies.
  • Quality expertise in porting up the procedure of the business platforms. 
  • Porting supportability for the applications as well to MEAN Stack based frameworks.
  • Targeting over the custom MEAN stack code developmental processes.
  • Inclination towards a more modern user interface allowing the developers to use the most forward-looking web-based technologies over the platform.
  • Incorporating in-depth expertise in JavaScript enabling several features inside a single dedicated framework.
  • Most of the app owners only want their apps to run for generating more and more revenues. Accordingly, the company must be able to concentrate on the development and maintenance of the applications for catering to the appetite of a wide range of viewers. 

MEAN stack development services:

The following list of points explains the MEAN stack development services:-

  • Development, design, and implementation of dynamic applications under different industrial domains including Healthcare, Retail, Banking & Finance, Travel & Hospitality, Media & Logistic, etc to name a few. 
  • Robust application developmental procedures with the capacity to streamline the application using MEAN stack development.Availability of high-end expert team of JavaScript professionals being proficient in developing dynamic applications of all kinds. 
  • Complete control and implementation based management skills over all the associated domains of the MEAN app development. 
  • Dedicated expertise in utilizing the best implacable parts of the component domains including MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS as per the requirements. 

The points listed above are only a few among a huge and versatile set of services available with the MEAN stack development procedures. More concerned advantages in association with the subject can efficiently be noticed from the discussed sets of facts in the above paragraphs. 


MEAN stack development companies employs this technology for instantly developing the most dynamic and advanced web application. Single, as well as multi-page applications, are even comfortably developed with the highest efficiencies suiting the necessities of all kinds using the MEAN stack. It is better to switch over to this high-end development tool and access the maximum profits in the association. Even the high-end WooCommerce development gets carried on successfully using the diversity of this technological aspect.