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Meet the 17 - Years old Marketer from the town who dreamt of revolutionising the Future of Indian Digital Media.

Meet the 17 - Years old Marketer from the town who dreamt of revolutionising the Future of Indian Digital Media.

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

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Hello There!

How are you all? I have been called up to Share my story at Your Story. At first, I wanna thank the Team to provide me with this Wonderful platform to share my Journey. Lemme introduce myself first. This is Kunal Sinha. A Dual Award-Winning Blogger, Content Creator, Digital Marketer & an Entrepreneur in Professional life and a 12th Standard Kid who is living his life like a King in his own Kingdom in Personal life. So, I am the Founder of MTL Ventures (A Digital Marketing Company), having 32 other sites in various niches having a secret offline venture and holding some shares in World Share Market too. So, I am here to share the Crisp notes about my Journey so far. So, Lemme gets started.

Kunal Sinha
Kunal Sinha


I was not a born Blogger or Businessman. Initially, I had a great interest in Cricket (even now also because first love is always the first) then I wanted to become Pilot, Train Driver (Haha), Doctor and wanna try all those basic occupations. In October 2014, two of my friends started their blogspot blogs. Every minute or the other, they were used to talk about their blogs and all. I was born curious. So, finally I asked them, what’s the secret, you both discuss every day and every minute? After a half of hour drama, they spoke the truth. They told me everything about their blogs except the username and password.

As soon as I reached home, I searched for how to make a blog? Oops. That’s not correct. How to make a blog for free? This was my true search. So, I clicked the first link and created my first ever blog.

My First Blog.

Everything was done. I named my blog “My Tech 4u”. Now, it was all empty. I wanted to write there something but didn’t understand, what to write. Then, I started the post with Title “How to insert image background in an HTML Web Page”? I learned that topic on the same day, so it was in my mind in a crystal clear manner. I wrote the whole article and published it. Now, I loved writing there. Within 18-20 days, I wrote around 20-25 posts and thereafter I found it boring. So, from a so-called top rated tech site, I started copying the articles and pasting them onto my blog. Within the next 5 days, my blog contained approx. 20 new articles. I was so Kiddo that I even copied the hyperlinks inserted there (since I got no knowledge of backlinks and all that time). Thereafter, one of my friends suggested me ‘bout writing your shitty content is far better than copying from others and ya, he also taught me to remove the inserted hyperlinks.

I was all prepared to resume my work. I stopped copying and started writing my own shitty piece of content. By March-April, 2017, I learned the basic blogging and writing and was capable of earning 20-25 paise per word through writing but was unaware of the fact that writing can bring some bucks home. Meanwhile, one of the two “Inspiring” friends left blogging and maybe after 5-6 months, the second one also stopped. But, I got some mega interest here.

My First .com Site.

On 26th of August, 2016 I won a .com domain and a 1 year Linux hosting from a giveaway conducted by some blogger on his portfolio. Now I was at least I was one more step closer to a bit of success. I named the blog MyTechLoaded. The site is on the similar niche as the name suggests. The blogger provided me with the opportunity to try everything possible with the niche and I think I grabbed it with both hands. From reviewing a gadget to How to posts, I wrote about everything. I made essentials links, worked on awesome keywords and gained some authority. Then, I started accepting guests posts (paid) and started selling individual contextual also.

At that time, my average monthly income would be 800-1200 INR and I was quite happy with that since I was getting some pocket money amount with the free domain and hosting. Thereafter I started writing as a freelancer for a blogger. He was used to paying me around 150-200 for an article of 700-1000 words. After a while, a thought came to my mind that what this person is getting and paying me 150-200 rupees? After having to talk me some pros on this topic, I got to know that the game is not what I was looking at. I concluded that the person must be making enough money with my article. So, I increased my rate to 300-400 and see what, that person rejected me. (Haha). Now, another journey starts.

Start of MTL Ventures.

By the time, I was aware of blogging up to some extent. Now, I started trying my hands on Digital Marketing & Content Marketing. In some unconscious mind, I had a thought that I may have a great future in the marketing field. I used MTL abbreviation from the word MyTechLoaded and added Ventures to it (Ventures means a risky step) and this makes my MTL Ventures. MTL Ventures was firstly planned somewhere behind a classwork copy in Aug 2017.

Since I was not in a mood to buy one separate domain for the site of MTL Ventures so I added it under the same domain. I was having sections like Mobile Phone, How to, Top Lists, Services etc. The services page counted all my services that were content writing, guest posts, paid links from different sites, graphic designing etc. Now my earning had an increase of about 40-50%. Many things happened since then. Literally speaking, I have faced many ups and down till now and that too at this age. The tensions turned my happy nights into sleepless nights. There was a time when I had a downfall and lost around all my earnings in a Project.

Now, Who is Kunal Sinha?

I already stated some info about myself in 1st paragraph. Lemme tell you, what all I never told anybody or what all I can call success. I have worked with Brands like Colgate, HP, Asus, Samsung, Voltas, Policy Bazaar, Lenskart, US Polo, Technical Guruji, Snapdeal, Infocus etc. I own a secret offline venture also. I have got around 35 employees on my team.

And yea I have got one small incident to share with you all. There was one project that required heavy funds. I reached around 60-75 investors for that matter. They found no potential in me, my company and my project. Not a single person wanted to listen to my issue. I realized that nobody gives a shit to your problems and issues. Always become your own helper, nobody will starve for you except your parents. I went to my dad and asked for some funds. Without a single second, he transferred some funds to my account. I added what all I had with me in the project. After a month, I got to know that the projects were a huge success. The project, the idea and the person with 0 potential turned out to be the mega success at that time. Seriously, I gave all the funds collected from the project to my dad.

There will be some situation where you will be blank and believe me just once visit your parents (especially dad) and tell them all the issues. I bet that they will surely find the best solution for you.

In a nutshell, my life may not be inspiring but I have seen the world and faced happiness and at the same time faced harsh difficulties. If you find this information about me as inspiring then I am honored. If you are in a need of some suggestions, you may reach me through my Facebook profile.

Till then,


Kunal Sinha