Walking with my Soul

The dreams and emotions of life. The journey of my lone soul meeting with busy me. Lost in a town of dreams, Walking on the road of high beams. The tender gentle mind now tricky and grind, Trying to cross the ocean of clumsy wind

Walking with my Soul

Sunday August 25, 2019,

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Meeting with my Soul

One night alone sitting in the balcony, sipping tea and looking through the sky. Just mind reversed and took me to the memories I have traveled so far. The phases of my life from child to adult. A clear picture I wanted to see always.

We always miss the things we have done in our childhood, in our school days, when there were no worries, we were the kings of our life.

Life, that was amazing. When we are depressed or sad about something then these things happen, but only sometimes we met ourselves, our soul. I have penned a small meeting with my soul.


The words of soul Whispering beneath the uproar.

Life of me unknown to me, Crumbling in the sand, hot and sore.

Shadows leaving, people have gone I met myself who was unknown.

He told me stories of a soul to me, My echoes I heard, that followed me

He shared my soul, my air to breathe

I was listening to my story, grace with wreath.

He cognizes me well, more than me We sat together lonesome.

I had a soul, a mind to hear He knew me, as I was up tear.

The sky was clear, stars were shining.

Everything was mute and it had a meaning.

I was talking to my present and my past Our discussion started and didn't last.

I woke up and found myself beneath the memories That still hinder me, my smile and worries.