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Mobile App development Company in Chennai | Mobile App Development

Mobile App development Company in Chennai | Mobile App Development

Tuesday February 12, 2019,

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 Mobile App Development company in Chennai

Mobile Apps

 Apart from acting as a distribution medium, Mobile Apps create a communication medium to learn, adapt and meeting business objectives. At the end of 2018, 2.1 million Android Apps and 2 million iOS Apps are been notably downloaded in Google Play Store and an estimated 194 billion global app downloads by 2020.

High expectation for Mobile Apps

When a brand fails to include mobile, it fails a significant opportunity to connect, engage, influence and support the targeted audience. Since customers demand convenience, they want to explore options at instant access regardless of when and where they are.

Benefits of Mobile App Development

·         Mobile Apps enhance the customer experience

Considering a brand’s perspective, a mobile app is far than just a catalog of products. An app acts as another channel for customers to interact with an organizations brand. Mobile Apps not only enhances the customer experience in a brand but also provides its own and unique brand experience.

·         Increases brand visibility

With constant usage of a brand’s mobile application, the brand sticks to the customer’s subconscious. For greater visibility, mobile apps also provide users with a lot of rewards or special app-in promotions that nudges the users to return and increases the conversion rate with the highest rate of brand visibility.

·         Customer engagement

People normally engage highly with something that meets up their convenience. The user gets experience with the mobile apps since it provides the user needs and preferences and continues to use the app.

·         Gaining a competitive edge

When a mobile app is built, it stands out amongst the competitors. Customers notice the brands that adapt their needs and provide solutions to their problems.

·         Generating additional revenue

A brand that looks to boost conversion can benefit through mobile apps since mobile apps encourage conversions repeatedly from the customers. An additional value is that revenue can be generated from advertising and app downloads if the app is pay per download.

List of best mobile app development companies in Chennai

In India, it can be no longer denied that Chennai is one of the fastest growing app development sectors and also notable that Indian app developers are in high demand for worldwide clients. Every year, the number of mobile app development companies evolves high being a technological hub with more than 100+ tech parks inside the city. Among the companies, the top 10 mobile app development companies in Chennai are listed below.


  WePop Info Solutions

WePop meets the client’s demands providing effective solutions with a hand-picked team of various mobile app development professionals since their existence in the IT industry from 2014

·         Founded: 2014

·         Website – www.wepop.in

·         Location: Chennai, India

·         Company Size: 10 - 50

·         Services: Android App Development, iOS App Development, AR and VR App Development


Way2Smile Solutions

A unique mobile app development company having experience in making innovative designs and development with almost a decade.

·         Founded: 2010

·         Website – www.way2smile.com 

·         Location: Chennai, India

·         Company Size: 10 - 50

·         Services: Mobile application development (Android &iOS), Responsive Website Development, Hybrid Application Development, Enterprise Application Development, Native Application Development, E-commerce Development, PeopleSoft development, IoT Development


  Hakunamatata solutions

Hakuna Matata is an emerging mobile app development company in Chennai capable of delivering above 250 mobile and web applications.

·         Founded: 2011

·         Website - www.hakunamatata.in

·         Location: Chennai, India

·         Company Size: 51 – 200

·         Services: Mobile app development, Web development, UX/UI Design



Contus provides mobile apps, web and cloud-based software solutions and delivered over 80 web apps till date.

·         Founded: 2008

·         Website - www.contus.com

·         Location: Chennai, India

·         Company Size: 201 - 500

·         Services: Mobile app development, E-commerce development, Custom Software Development


  ImagiNet Ventures

ImagiNet provides mobile app development and digital marketing services and promotes business digitally in the domestic and international markets.

·         Founded: 2006

·         Website - www.imaginetventures.com

·         Location: Chennai, India

·         Company Size: 10 - 50

·         Services: Mobile app development, Web design, and development, Custom Web Application Development