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Mobile App Development Platforms Which Will trend in 2020

Mobile App Development Platforms Which Will trend in 2020

Friday February 07, 2020,

3 min Read

Today is better than yesterday similarly tomorrow is going to be better than today. This not only applies in terms of lifestyle development but also in terms of technological advancement. 2019 has provided us with some popular mobile app developments like React Native by Facebook, Flutter by Google and many others. So here is the list of some important new platforms to be seen in 2020.

·        5G Wireless Services

Although the term 5G has already taken place in 2019, this year it would be seen taking action. 5G network is going to make a big scaffold for Mobile Applications. The very first thing that flashes through our mind when saying5G is the speed which is said to be hundred folds faster than current network.

Indeed 5G is not only about speed, it is much more than already stated characteristic; it is going to add more security to the programs and will let 3D gaming get into play. Now the onus is on the application developers to make such apps which could let 5G fuse into the network service for an even enhanced performance.

·        Artificial Intelligence

AI terms has been decoded since a long time now, this year it will groove all over and would let many software take action. This is an integrated platform which will flourish more and more with time. The programmers who work on AI can anticipate the forthcoming obstacles and be prepared with the counter.

One such example of software that runs on Artificial Intelligence is Google Duplex which is going to dominate this year. It enables the users to fix any rendezvous with the clients along with booking a table at the venue. Hence it is going to touchstone benefit for business. Google Duplex is further going to improve the chatbox performance which will eventually make the use of text to speech more natural. Web design Toronto is go to website and app developer which creates user friendly experience and can let you get into the transformations easily. 

·        AR and VR

AR (Augmented Reality) lets you add virtual things to reality and VR (Virtual Reality) creates a computer-generated simulation which lets you experience any virtual is mainly going to benefit in business.

There are many ways to transform applications with AR and VR:

1.) Clients can get a demo of the products

2.) People can try the products by themselves before buying it.

3.) It can be a good aid in medical sciences also

4.) It can be used for Educational Purposes Also

5.) Products would be visualized in the virtual state is the real surroundings.

·        AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Basically AMP is a second name of HTML for mobile applications. Accelerated Mobile Pages is to be introduced by Google in collaboration with twitter. It is said to rocket the speed of mobile pages to experience a high tech performance. With AMP Google is making way for 5G to let the things browse as quickly as possible and websites will upload in a blink of eye.



2020 is going to add a lot more into the pockets of daily users of mobile apps. What we need to do to catch up with the trend is just stay updated. For updates on any such things you can even visit mippin which lets you stay connected with all the tech news and briefings of all these things.