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Mobile Commerce App, Better Than eCommerce Store?

Mobile Commerce App, Better Than eCommerce Store?

Monday January 14, 2019,

3 min Read

To have an increase with sales for your business, the best way to get in depth with it is to have yourself launch a Mobile App.

A well known web design optimization for the mobile users will be needed. In the last six months, 62% of smartphone users have used their devices to make purchases. It is not just building your app and it's also about making sure that certain features need to be included as well to get your app in shape and also to perform well when it launches.

Website Developers India, have been delivering customized and developed mobile application services to their customers globally for a decade now. Their services include, iOS App Developers , Android App Developers , Wearable App Developers, iBeacon App Development , Integrated Mobile Solutions.

Few features that will help you get a grip on

1. Personalization - Solving your problems by giving helping you and your customers have t he best ranking by being first on the list with response and results. Creating a profile and then processing with by integrating social media profiles. With all this process being done, you can now easily setup your account with just few clicks instead of creating a new username and password and filling all other information. With proper personalization, you will be able to track information when the customer shops, you can make additional suggestions based on this browsing history and previous purchases.

2. Bugs and error elimination - What if you app does not work well?

According to the statistics, 48% of mobile users are less likely to not use an app if it does not work well and the other 34% they will use competitor’s app after a negative experience. Obviously being bad news for mobile commerce strategy, they cannot afford to lose any customer, and when it's included with your competition it definitely remains a no. What you really need is a beta tester before a launch that will help you identify and work out with bugs. You will also get notifications when something crashes so you get it fixed. New updates on a regular base that will help you improve user experience and make it easier to buy.

3. Flash sales and discounts - Your customers are your babies and what is it that they like the most? Of course discount on their most favorite and desired things. As a part of your strategy to get downloads in the first place, by sending discounts messages through your phone. Like Jabong Shopping App, has set a good example explaining about why and how does discounts helps with sales and marketing. They are offering their users with 20% discount, if they only make a purchase from within the app. Once the app is downloaded, additional exclusive deal will be provided.

Along with your skillful work, comes reliability with their best eCommerce web development services to your clients, globally. The only thing needed is for you to adopt methods that are quality based to make sure your clients to be satisfied for a longer time.