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Mobile Commerce and eCommerce: Expectations vs Reality

eCommerce has existed for a couple of decades, most start-up companies end look finding resources and support a lot more when you compare it to m-commerce.

Mobile Commerce and eCommerce: Expectations vs Reality

Wednesday March 11, 2020,

6 min Read

What Does Mobile Commerce Actually Mean?

As we all know, electronic commerce is used widely to describe anything related to internet shopping operations. Mobile commerce, on the other hand, doesn’t refer to any kind of retail transaction that leads to using smartphones. For example, you own a boutique and open up a new Shopify account with a website that is responsive and a mobile app that works perfectly. Even though the set up allows people to shop for products from smartphones, mobile commerce at some point will be used and involved.

Mobile commerce is understood as concepts and ideas that are mobile aware and mobile born. A prime example is Snap-chat. It is ideal for businesses that are mobile borne, especially because most social media networks never allow the desktop to become equivalent. Snap-chat is, therefore, using mobile commerce to launch a completely new shopping experience for people. One example of this would be Amazon mobile apps. It connects people with Amazon market users along with eCommerce empires that make use of digital wallets, notifications, and GPS.

It is also essential to make note that e-commerce and mobile commerce do not always have to be exclusive mutually. In simple words, having a business plan for any kind of e-commerce venture won’t have to remove any responsive websites for its users. Using mobile commerce spaces on the other hand without even giving any desktop options could be a wonderful idea depending on the success that most shops that are only based on mobiles are found.

What are the Business Requirements of e-Commerce and m-Commerce?

Since eCommerce has existed for a couple of decades, most start-up companies end look finding resources and support a lot more when you compare it to m-commerce. One big reality of e-commerce is that it is much easier to break into, especially if you are a newcomer.

According to the latest news and reports, m-commerce is still in the middle of an emergency even though this could be quite lucrative for all businessmen who know how to play by the rules. Using phones to shop online has become an intimate affair and this works so beneficially that people end up buying out of an impulse. However, this could also translate into much bigger expectations from shoppers.

When it comes to creating a new shopping platform, most businessmen who focus on mobile commerce might feel like this is a huge challenge. And the reason is valid. Most mobile app developments can be expensive and the set up can be intricate and complex compared to other websites that are e-commerce. In a few cases, many e-commerce entrepreneurs may not even require a website. For example, Amazon is seen as an open platform that is leveraged easily for the success of eCommerce without needing any kind of development.

Many start-ups that focus on mobile efforts should spend more time on strategies that focus on inventory management. The focus should also be on the payment methods available on mobile. Like it has been said before, shopping apps and smartphones lead to shopping on the basis of impulse. This means that mobile commerce should retain a vendor that is the third party, even if they aren’t ready to take up an approach that is active.

Mobile payment methods should be integrated tightly. They should be flawless, secure and easy to use for all customers, especially if they are going to be on any shopping app.

Even though e-commerce startups find it simple and easy to start all of their operations, it will be challenging for them as the market is competitive and crowded. Mobile commerce startups don’t need any competition, but finding these back-end functions and platforms can become complex.

Commons Expectation: Going Online Will Benefit the Sales More Than Expected

Most people have the expectation that all you need to do is help set up business websites. After that, you can relax and sit back. People who have bought this believe that they will be able to discover their e-commerce websites much more than others. They think that it will cause their sales to hit the roof when in reality it is far from the truth.


Too many companies exist today within the market. Within them, there are companies that are able to generate more revenue. And that doesn’t even include any small or big players.

The only solution to this issue is putting more and more effort. You have to start with the website development and design. After this, you can try other digital marketing techniques such as search optimization, advertising, and promotions.

It will certainly take organic traffic to make more time to get results. Even after that, the results that you get will be due to the work that you have finished in terms of SEO.

Expectation: I am Successful Already. I Don’t Require a Website

Even if you have your own wholesale business, it is better to grow in your own sales consistently. For this, you can always launch an offline business. And for this, we are speaking of small scale businesses that operate within operate communities and that could mean like a lot of work and not too much profit.

Reality: Business Websites Do Not Just Automate the Complete Process Buying But Can Also Expand the Business Reach

Without a doubt, the business to business type of commerce is constantly growing and it will continue to be like this in the coming years. It is not just the business people who want this convenience but the sellers too have realized that they have to offer something modern, easy to use and helpful to improve the competition.

All of these facts simply prove what electronic commerce is about. It has also shown that no matter how successful the business is, digital commerce perfectly represents a much more lucrative channel. This will take your business to new heights. Many of your competitors will have similar assumptions- that they can do without a website, but honestly speaking, that is never going to work out if you want to stay updated.