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Mompreneur? Consider these Six Points that you may miss

When a women desires something she can do it definitely but how to run it cool.

Mompreneur? Consider these Six Points that you may miss

Friday February 21, 2020,

4 min Read

Marriage, Kids, family, household chores what ever the hurdle may be when you desire and decide you can do. Yes, in India women are expected to handle all the chores undoubtedly but however its not a bad expectation at all, since we as a women are capable of handling many things at a time no matter what it is. The god has given us the power of multitasking, all that you need to do is stepping ahead and just following few points like these......

Trust - the key

After marriage everything changes for a girl and all the responsibilities are handed over with all the belief by everyone in the family. So, its your family that you must consider first and next comes the world. If you can keep up the trust by your family it's an obvious thing that you can earn from anyone, your customers, your helpers or your investors. So, be sure that you do your best to your family.

Remember that you are responsible for the next generation.

Kids, who occupy 80% of our lives after being a mom, we generally don't even recheck that we have a personal life. But as working women, mompreneur some women (especially our generation) in competing with men are mostly workholic and so dedicated in meeting our goals. Not a crime, but do remember that kids are through you and they are here as you wanted but not for somebody else. Create or spend a fair time with them and keep yourselves available whenever they need you. Remember that you are raising the next generation which is most important for you and your country.

Don't take "him" for granted

Of course you want to be a successful entrepreneur but you are already a soul mate too. Just don't waste his money(if he invests) with your trails. Have a great idea, discuss with him and then let him invest on his own. This would give him a positive opinion on you and your business, at same time even if you loose it won't bother him much (emotionally).

Cook for him at least in the weekends so that you show off your care :) towards him. Take dinner time advantage to talk about your personal and family matters. Plan some personal tours even if you are celebrating your 15th anniversary.

Plan ahead and get the things done

When you are creating time for many things, definitely you will be end up with frustration one or the other day. But it is completely ok, relax and plan it. Plan your schedule at least one month before if you have something to be done, that may include family trips too. Do not mess up with un organized calendar dates.

It's okay to fail

Every one experience it you are not exceptional! But as a mother you have to be more strong and determined as you want to grow yourselves. Accept it and move on. Find the solution and if possible discuss it with your kids too, as this will help them how to face failures in their life. Set yourself as an fighter but not as looser. Even if you are quitting share your thoughts to them even bad experiences are good lessons.

Do not forget that you exist!

Any girl after marriage completely become vanished, dedicates whole time to family, kids, home and if you are entreprenuer I seriously bet that you will be a Robo 3.O. Don't do this to yourselves, you are precious and you are here to live, Do the things according to the time, do not over do or do not let your things, chores control you. Give space to every important aspect in your life, take time for personal care, personal treats etc. After all its your own short life.