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- A way to Imazine,Invent,Inspire


Monday January 07, 2019,

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I'm a tech fan I love technology and I feel like it really is taking the world to do hiding-places and for it's bringing the world closer and I really feel like young people today need the opportunity to be able to you know make monetize their ideas and ideas of the currency of today and I feel like that lead lends itself to that so I speak to and about the fact that I wanted to invest and I wanted to really get into that space because I like to do things out of the box a little and I just thought about Navyakalam, It was such an incredible platform which is a science and technology-based as well as social network site for Students by our Teachers and Senior Students.

It gives Students precedence it gives their choices precedence it gives them the opportunity but at the same time, it's for anyone who wants to Create immense opportunity to Connect, Curate and Carry forward his/her knowledge to invent and inspire the world to do so.

I don't know being a student from India I think this would be a really great platform or like it would be really amazing thing for Indian students to have in their arsenal which gives them a sense of empowerment because it's on that it's basically choosing your life the way you want to and being the best version of it whether that's in career whether that's in business whether that's in your friendships or the kind of network you want around you the kind of people you want around you.

And I just thought that was such a great idea for India where urban India right now is waking up and it has been for the last decade or so has been waking up to students as well as teachers wanting to make their own choices having a say in our lives which was something that we never had and This is on your phone in the safety of your home where you choose the life that you might want to explore.

So it's okay to be curious and I just thought that was such a power to something that we can explore and that's how this whole thing happened.

Here are the problems for which Navyakalam Exist with the solution.

>Waste Management:- As we know, we are already fighting with the pollution in our environment so we came with the idea of waste management where we organized an event in which they use the waste materials available in our surrounding to make something usable here is the link of our last work.

>Network for Students- we have already lots of platforms where we find internships and scholarships like Internshala, Buddy4Study etc but Navyakalam is different from all the platforms available till know by interacting with students personally and guide them accordingly with their needs and levels. our college(Nitp) teachers gave the special speech and share their knowledge personally which also connect students a boost their confidants. But Still, we haven't put it online till now.

>Opportunity to Students:-We provide a platform for college students where they perform their ideas for innovation.its not as simple as it sounds

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