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New Frontiers in Talent Acquisition

New Frontiers in Talent Acquisition

Tuesday November 05, 2019,

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Talent acquisition is an HR strategy that fulfills organization needs by finding out the best talent and bringing their skills to the organization. When it comes to talent acquisition, the recruiting sources act as a lifeline to find and retain the perfect talent in the market. If you take advantage of these sources well, your company will have a strong applicant pool. As a result, recruiters must provide an excellent candidate experience. But maintaining that experience over time can be challenging, especially at the top of the hiring funnel where things are changing at a faster rate than ever before.  


To succeed in your pursuit of top talent, you shouldn’t solely rely on traditional short-term recruitment strategies. An organization must hire and retain the most talented employees. But it is a daunting task, for which you need a long-term recruitment strategy. 


Here we have cultivated a few critical talent acquisition strategies to ensure you find the top talent in the market.  


1. AI-Driven Talent Acquisition:

Technology brings a complete transformation to the recruitment process. Gone are those days when the hiring managers would review each resume and read the skills and experience of every candidate. Today, they rely on data displayed on a simple dashboard that can be accessed at any time. Recruiters and HR professionals are also adopting AI tools to fasten the entire process. A resume parsing tool helps in sorting out the resumes and choose a resume parser that doesn’t require any coding. Thus, using a tool that doesn’t give you any technical glitch will enhance the recruitment process. The truth about all these AI-driven technology and tools is they contribute towards finding the right fit for the organization.


2. Social Media: 

With social media, the communication between the recruiters and candidate has simplified over the past few years. Today, every company is using this tool. Social Media is a blessing for HR managers and recruiters worldwide. Now the internet is no longer just used for recreation and procuring information but has revolutionized the entire recruitment process. However, the question is why social media is so great that it is becoming a crucial recruiting tool? With social media recruitment, recruiters can reach passive job searching candidates. Also, it can showcase the company’s culture, get more referrals, and target the top talent. 


3. Chatbots: 

Chatbots are one of the best creations of AI. They are planned to be interactive and must be able to interact with the queries made by candidates. When rolling out chatbots in your recruitment process, it’s essential to keep a balance between automated communication via chatbots and communication via recruiters. This AI tool has taken away most of the burden of recruiters by screening candidates, asking them relevant questions, and answering their queries. They speed up the recruitment process and deliver a positive candidate experience with prompt replies. Recruiters should also keep in mind that only launching chatbots does not bring good candidate experience. They need to take steps to make their chatbots more attuned and responsive. 

4. Candidate Experience:

Candidate experience can make or break a relationship with the potential candidates by providing an exceptional

candidate experience. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, the most effective way is to offer a better experience than your competition. The best way is to shorten the job application process by letting the candidate upload the resume and submit the job application. Timely communication on each step of the recruitment process also matters a lot.

The future will see a better recruitment process. Data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence will engage many candidates and improve candidate experience. Mobile devices and social media will provide a new and valuable platform to find quality talent.