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A non-marketers guide: Business marketing with Social Media

A non-marketers guide: Business marketing with Social Media

Thursday July 30, 2020,

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It's been a long time when marketing and advertising counted as postcards, newspaper ads, printed flyers and tv commercials. But the fact is, even in today's digital world, they are still alive and active around us. To survive in today's market where marketing is used as a tool to play with a person's emotions directly. To be on social media platforms is necessary. As we can see, there is a whole lot of brands who converted their ways of marketing from traditional to digital and especially on social media platforms. Through social media campaigns, one can easily target specific audience at the right time, in the right location and in a rewarding way.

As per the survey, Facebook and Instagram are the top two social media platforms used by digital marketers worldwide. 86% of marketers indicated that their social media efforts generating more exposure for their businesses and personal branding. And that's why having a presence on social media is essential for any business.

Social media platforms are changing and evolving so quickly. Adopting result-oriented strategies for staying on the top is the first priority for your business. Whether it is a small-scale business or a large one, social media provides brands with the opportunity of direct communication with the customer without any hesitation. Social media is ROI specific and cost-effective solution to any brand that wants to advertise its business locally or globally. It allows brands to create their own online community for branding, solutions and to convert them as a lead.

Let's have a closer look at these impactful roles of social media in your business marketing.

Increase your reach to the potential audience locally or globally

If you're going to start marketing for your business, your primary goal is to find the appropriate audience who likes your content and services. Once they find your content interesting, informative, and helpful, then only they will think of purchasing.

Start by understanding who your targeted audience is. If your business is local, the demographics matters the most. The next step is to move ahead with authentic, appealing and engaging content. In content, you can use relative graphics of your work to tell your customers what you're serving. (Photos of your services, work areas, and industry information) If you don't have the content, use UGC (User Generated Content) method to give an idea to your customers. Giving them credit will add plus points in your branding values. Request your customers to share their views and testimonials of your service.

Increase Engagement

If everything is okay, but you don't have someone to listen and react, your campaign may fail. Your content must be appealing and posted at the right time and with the appropriate amount of quality hashtags. While increasing engagement, there are two factors that matters: To build brand awareness by informative and useful content and to share your services as a help to them. Sharing content with just a single aspect won't help you achieve your desired goals. If they like your content, they'll share it ahead with their networks and communities.

Choosing the right social media channel

Always select the social media channel where your audience lies and actively respond to your content. If you are not active on all channels, then it would be fine, but be double sure that you are on the right one. If your audience will respond to you actively on Facebook, then do focus on that platform and utilize your branding efforts creatively.

Pro Tip:
Do a survey of your active niche audience before you start selecting that channel for your business marketing.

Hire influencers to speak for you

Influencers have already active and managed audience locally and globally. A right influencer may help you get better engagement, followings and even sales. If your goal is to achieve local audiences' trust and business, hiring influencers will be a great choice.

Increase your sales with paid advertising 

Nowadays, almost every platform offers users to create and run advertising campaigns for their content, events, video premieres and more. It makes it easier for the user to target potential audiences for their stuff. It allows you to target users based on their interests, job titles, and online behaviors and likings. This campaign can be visible to the person who is searching for your kind of stuff or services. A proper ad campaign can benefit you with higher numbers of reach, engagements and DM's from the interested leads. Each social media platform is having its own advert suite created with easy to navigate user experience system.

Onboarding customer support service with social media

Social media is a game for proactive persons who respond as soon as possible. The audience/user will message you on your preferred social media channel about their queries and future requirements. Respond to them in a proper way and in time will increase trust to them and creates a chance for brands' future sales.

Users will come to your business page, attract with your content, they get doubts, and after that, they will message you with queries. If you respond quickly, there are chances that they will buy your services/products. Always be active on your business's social media channels, raise your opportunity to serve better customer service. Afterall they buy your services.

Track your efforts with platform analytics 

After all processes, it's time to track your efforts that you put up to make your business marketing success. Each social media platform has its analytical system that helps you track your business page/id's progress. To track your goals, make an eye on basic analytics first.

Check increased or decreased values of:

  1. Page likes
  2. Page Followers
  3. Page Engagements
  4. Actions they take on your page (CTA button)
  5. Dm's you received

After this basic check, go to your post library and shortlist what post is performing well. 

Pro tip:
Create a list/copy of your top-performing posts and use them as in the future as your evergreen content.

Some Statistics

●      86% of online entrepreneurs consider online networking as an imperative strategy.

●      60% of advertisers show positive results just by working 6 hours per week.

●      85% of organizations comparatively reported an increment in their business using devoted social media platforms.

●      70% of social media marketing experts reporting more organic traffic.


A focused social media strategy can effectively work for your brand and make it amplifying for you. Social media networks offer small businesses a space to create a buzz with their like-minded audience. If you have a small business or large-scale business, social media helps you get better revenues in your business marketing efforts.

Custom, well-defined social media strategies can boost your revenue by x2.