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Now Generating Sales through Amazon India Not a Worry!

Now Generating Sales through Amazon India Not a Worry!

Monday July 22, 2019,

3 min Read

Every Amazon India seller, whether new or experienced, has only a single major goal, and that is to generate sales of their products on Amazon.in marketplace. You have to keep in mind that product marketing through Amazon.in is very different from promoting products through your own website. However, many sellers are not aware of the same. Therefore, Barrel13 has come up with a to-do list for you below, which will help you in reaping maximum benefits of selling on Amazon India.

Make Products & their Pricing More Competitive

It is a very basic, but a hugely effective way to generate sales. In a highly competitive marketplace like Amazon India, if you will not innovate, you will surely evaporate. You have to ensure best quality product being offered & sold at a very competitive price. Pricing can surely be made competitive without diminishing profitability, but remember to add all your costs such as Amazon.in category fees and shipping while pricing your products. You can check out the price competition among products to determine the ones worth promoting & sell only those products which offer a decent return on investment.

Use an Amazon.in Product Research Tool

Continuing from the previous point, we can say that you can remain competitive in the market by offering unique & niche products.  However, not everyone is aware of the products that are niche as well as highly profitable. That’s where product research tools like Barrel13 come into picture.

Barrel13 is a product research tool for Amazon India marketplace, which helps you find & research on Best selling products in your niche in a comprehensive & hassle-free manner. After using the tool, you don’t have to pressurize yourself with finding an ideal & high-selling product to sell on Amazon India.

Try winning the Buy Box

One of the most effective ways to generate more sales on Amazon.in is to win the Amazon Buy Box, which is located on the right side of the product page and automatically boosts the chance of customers preferring your products over others. Amazon India chooses eligible sellers for the buy box from sellers selling the same products. The main benchmark for selection of sellers includes product price, availability, shipping options and the overall performance of the seller.

Improve Order Defect Rate

The Order Defect Rate (ODR) measures your ability to provide a good customer experience and plays a big role in improving your product ranking on Amazon.in. The more your defect rate, the less is your product ranking. Therefore, if you wish to bring more users to your product & generate more sales, improving your order defect rate is very crucial.

Focus on getting Positive Reviews

Getting positive reviews are an indication of your product’s good quality and resultant customer satisfaction, which results in higher sales. It largely impacts your product performance on Amazon.in while also helping attract new customers towards your product. Try to garner positive reviews using various methods such as emailing customers about feedback, leaving a message regarding reviews in the packing slips and responding to buyer requests promptly in addition to prioritizing and solving recurring issues.

Selling on Amazon.in is not a rocket science, but without proper guidance & research to help you go forward, it can become a fruitless exercise. Using the aforementioned tips will not only help you sell your products on Amazon India in a better way, but establish yourself as a force to reckon with in your category in the marketplace.