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Once Upon A Brand; An Introduction To Brand Storytelling

An introduction to brand storytelling along with great examples from brands to help inspire you to tell your story.

Once Upon A Brand; An Introduction To Brand Storytelling

Monday December 10, 2018,

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Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. Stories, they inform, resonate, excite, and of course, engage the reader. Much like a book that you recall fondly from your childhood; however, today the protagonist is your brand.

Successful brand storytelling is a complete narrative, which should encompass the history and the mission or journey that your business is on. It should show not only how you do business, but why?

We’re all emotional beings, therefore, an authentic brand story at a time where there is an implosion of trust, is an effective way to connect and appeal to the emotions of your customers and prospects alike.

If you are not convinced if you have or even need a brand story, then read on, as we’ll bring you some truly inspiring tales to inspire you...

Great Brand Stories


Back in 1930 from a service station in Kentucky, Colonel Herland Sanders was busy cooking for travelers at a local gas station. While the travelers may have originally just stopped for gas, they were soon fuelling their hunger too.

This is, of course, the humble beginnings of KFC. While today they may be the world’s second-largest food chain, KFC is a brand that has not forgotten their roots. In fact, they project their roots through their brand story.


In 2002, Nick Woodman, a surfer and sports enthusiast was in search of a better way to film many of the activities he undertook. What was once a 35mm camera held in place by a wrist strap made from old scrap, has today grown into a world-renowned technology company known as GoPro.

When it comes to telling their brand story, GoPro has the luxury of letting their customers do the hard work for them through user-generated content (UGC).

Their product is much more than just a video camera, it empowers adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts across the globe to showcase some of the most spectacular pulse-racing stunts set in the backdrop of some of the most awe-inspiring locations.

It’s estimated that around 6,000 GoPro videos are uploaded online by users every day, and while they provide the tools to record and capture, the marketing team at GoPro also does a stellar job when it comes to encouraging their users to upload UGC with the #GoPro hashtag of course. With further incentives in the way of competitions, such as the $1M Challenge.

Jack Daniel’s

While Jack Daniel’s may be a universally renowned brand, it’s fair to say their marketing team have not forgotten the brands’ heritage. Even today many of their commercials focus heavily on portraying the brands' roots and tradition.

The story of Jack Daniel’s is the story of the American dream”. This is, of course, a nod to Jasper Newton Daniel, the founder; their brand story is often designed to transport you back to Tenessee in 1850, to almost live and feel their rich history, while leaving you wanting to well, just taste it. Clever, right?

It’s true that not everyone can make history, however, we can all enjoy and resonate with powerful brand stories steeped in history, and this is true of JD.

Forget lavish pool parties with models celebs and fast cars, Jack Daniels portrays a more relaxed and personal brand story, which makes their brand more inclusive, and as a result, really resonates with their audience.


The rise of Innocent smoothies has been nothing short of phenomenal, and it’s no surprise that their brand story which portrays their strong ethics has fuelled their growth. Started in 1999 after selling smoothies at a music festival, today Innocent has grown to become a globally recognizable brand.

Besides producing delicious pure-fruit smoothies, the brand today is also equally renowned for its ethical business practices. In fact, it is widely reported that 10% of annual profits are deposited into the Innocent Foundation, which is on a noble mission to cure world hunger.

Today, Innocent our continuing their journey to be “heroes of change” they are on a mission to “leave things better than we find them” and to “take full responsibility for the impact of our business on society and the environment”. These ethics are powerful and resonate with consumers worldwide through the brands’ sustainability story.

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